Weekly Mailer

 Dear VJO Swimmers and Parents,

Thank you to everyone who attended our second Saturday long course morning practice on June 9th.  Our after practice breakfast at the pool went great!  Thank you Senior Group parents and swimmers for setting up the wonderful breakfast for our team.  You guys put together an amazing breakfast… and planned it all in only 4 days. The food was great!  Thank you again to all the families who brought in food and drinks.  Our next Saturday practice will be July 14th from 7:30-9am.



Upcoming Events:

Senior & Age Group Summer Morning Practice (M,W,F 6:30-8:30am)
Starting this Monday June 11th the Seniors & Age Groupers will have long course morning practice offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s from 6:30-8:30am. We will be switching the pool to long course at 6:30am and then switching the pool back at 8:30am each morning. The SASO (Solano Aquatic Sea Otters) swim team will also be swimming with us in the mornings and will be helping us switch the pool around each day.
Sign up for Westside Aquaducks Meet Before it Fills Up!
The Westside Aquaducks Meet in Petaluma on July 6-8 is still open for entries, but will fill up soon.  This will be our team C/B/A meet for July.  This will also be the last long course meet of the season and the last chance to qualify for Junior Olympics and Far Westerns. This meet is recommended to all VJO swimmers. The deadline to enter online is June 27th, but the meet will fill up quickly.Enter online at: .
Swim-a thon
Hey swimmers, if you have not set up your swim-a-thon page on attached is a step by step guide to setting up your page and getting the word out about our swim-a-thon to your friends and family.  Want to send out letters? Attached you will find some sample letters you can use to get started.  They are always best when personalized, but these will give you an idea of what others have done.  The swim-a-thon is in on July 10th -- just over 4 weeks away.

Hey parents, lets show the kids what they can win.  This year the parents are providing the prizes for the swim-a-thon which will be displayed on in the incentives section.  Send in a picture of your swim-a-thon prize with a description to [email protected] so we can display it for the kids to see.

4th of July Parade Driver Needed-
VJO is still looking for a driver and lovely convertible car to escort the team in the 4th of July Parade.  It would be preferable if it were VJO black, blue or white.  We'll be keeping cold water in the truck for the kids and extra candy and information sheets in the back seat for handing out along the parade route.  Please contact Mary Lou Miguel, VJO events coordinator at [email protected]if you have a car we can use.
Breakout Swim Clinic Sign-ups (Sept 29th 2012)-
Make sure your child has a spot at the BREAKout! Swim Clinic. Sign up for the September 29th Swim Clinic now!  We have space for 120 swimmers and 20 have already signed up.  In addition to VJO swimmers we also have swimmers coming from Sacramento and Mendocino. Please fill out the Swim Clinic flyer and turn into Melanie Keilholtz - Treasurer File folder.
We are looking for some VJO families to help with set-up, take down and coordinating the pot luck for our annual VJO Summer Pool Party. Sign-up sheets are in the shark tank.


Upcoming Meets:

Napa Valley Swim Meet (June 16-17)
This meet is closed.  The meet has filled up and has been closed early.
The Napa Valley Meet on June 16-17 is closed for entries online. This will be our June long course C/B/A team meet.  Swimmers in all groups are encouraged to enter.
Westside Aquatics Meet (July 6-8)
This meet will fill up soon. Make sure you get entered ASAP before the meet closes. The Westside Aquatics C/B/A+ Meet is open online for entries.  This will be our July long course C/B/A team meet and also the last chance to qualify for the Summer 2012 Junior Olympics. Swimmers in all age groups are encouraged to enter this meet.The deadline to enter online is June 27th.Enter online at: .
2012 Summer Junior Olympic Championships (July 20-22)
To enter this meet, swimmers must have achieved the JO time standard. The 2012 Summer Junior Olympic Championships on July 20-22 has opened online for entries, but they are having trouble with sign-ups.  They are aware of this issue and should have this problem fix shortly.  


Save the Date:

  • June 16-17 – Napa Valley Long Course C/B/A Meet
  • June 28th -  Shark Pride Day (All Team Practice 5-7pm)
  • June 30th  -  Annual Pool Party & Alumni Reunion (12-5pm)
  • July 4th  -   4th of July Parade  (No swim practice)
  • July 6-8  -  Westside Aquatics C/B/A Meet
  • July 10   -   Swim- a – thon
  • July 14  -   Saturday Morning Long Course Practice (7:30-9:00am – All Groups, Senior Group 7-9am)
  • July 17th  -  Team Pictures (4-6:30pm)
  • July 20-22  - Junior Olympic Championships
  • July 25-30  - Summer Sectional Championships
  • Aug 3-5  -   REAL Championships
  • Aug 1-5  -   Far Western Championships
  • Aug 6-19  - Team Break
  • Aug 23 -  Prize Party for Swim-a-thon*
  • Sept 29th – Breakout Swim Clinic