Congratulations to the class of 2007 - Senior interviews

                             Senior Interviews


Stephanie Steil

         Stephanie began swimming when she was 8 years old.  Her friend Ashley joined the Piranhas so she decided to join too.

         Stephanie had older cousins that swam about 20 years ago in Arizona and now her cousin?s daughter swims.

         She always enjoyed going to the 4th of July Meet in Ukiah at the park. She camped at the park, made hats with her team, had water fights against the other teams and had memorable relays. One relay in particular she and her teammates stuffed their suits with fruit.

         For Stephanie high school swimming is more laid back than club swimming.  ?High school swimming gives you time to spend with your friends you attend school with.  High school swimming is not as demanding and you have more time to enjoy it.?

        After graduation she will go to Hawaii with her friend, Allison Stuhr.  She plans on working as a lifeguard at the Santa Rosa Junior College.  In the fall she will play water polo and the spring will swim for the JC teams coached by Jill McCormick.

        Stephanie is undecided about her future but three choices she has been considering is, working for the United Nations helping 3rd world countries, becoming a nurse, or a realtor.

        Stephanie?s advise for up and coming swimmers is, ?Stay determined and committed.  You will regret not sticking with it when your friends move up to the next group.?


Allison Stuhr

        Allison started her swimming career at Finley Swim Center at a city/Neptune-sponsored meet.  Guy Miller approached her parents and they all encouraged her to join the swim team.

       Her younger brother Matt is on the swim team and her older brother Tim was a swimmer and he coached the Petaluma Swim Club.

       A fond memory of Allison?s, was when she was young and having all the older kids around supporting her.  She felt like she was part of a team.

       When asked about club and high school swimming her reply was, ?Club swimming requires more dedication and high school swimming is more laid back and having fun with the kids you go to school with.?  She enjoys both and says both are fun.

       This summer after graduation Allison will go to Hawaii with both her school and swimming friends.  In addition she will work at Abercrombie and lifeguard at Fountain Grove.  Allison will take a trip to Arizona with her family, and she will attend the Janet Evans Swim Meet. She has not decided whether to attend Pincipia in Illinois or the Junior College at either one she plans to swim. Allison plans on majoring in business management.

       Her advice is, ?Make swimming fun, and defiantly be dedicated because it will pay off.  Always have fun with your friends.?


Heather Cramer

         Heather started swimming at age 5 by taking swimming lessons.  Her older brother and sister swam for Rohnert Park Swim Club so she joined the team too.

        All of Heather?s siblings swam at one time and her parents swam on summer leagues.

        A favorite thing for her is to attend travel meets with her friends, and enjoy sharing the fun experience.

        Asked about high school and club swimming her response was that high school swimmers aren?t as dedicated to swimming and it is not as much of a team.  Her club team friends have always been close friends.

       This summer Heather will travel to Hawaii with Allison and Stephanie.  She will work as a lifeguard at the Honeybee Pool in Rohnert Park.  In the fall she will attend the Santa Rosa Junior College and swim for the Bear Cubs.  Her major is undecided.

       Her advise to young swimmers is,?Be positive to yourself it will make swimming and life a lot easier.?


Amanda Sims

       Amanda started swimming at the age of 6, because her older sister, Jennifer, was on the team and her Dad, Paul, was a former Neptune.

      Amanda had many members in her family who swam. Her sisters Jennifer and Stephanie, her Dad, and Aunt Sabrina.

      A fond memory of Amanda?s was her first time at the Olympic Trials when she walked out to the blocks and looked up to see her friends Katey Nelson and Lizzy Thiele with their bright shiny faces cheering her on.

      She likes high school swimming, and coach, Mark Stanley.  ?NCS is a fun meet to go to.  There is not as much pressure in high school swimming; it?s more fun and more team oriented.  Club swimming you need to swim fast and high school swimming there are no consequences if you don?t swim fast.?

      Her plans for the summer are to swim and hopefully travel to San Diego to visit her sister.  This fall Amanda will attend UC Berkeley and she will swim for the Cal Swim Team.  Her major is undecided, her first 2 years she will be taking General Ed Courses.

      Her advice is ?Go to practice, listen to your Coach and have fun!?


Jenna Patalano

      Jenna learned how to swim at Lake Pillsbury.  Her cousin Kendra Kline (a former Neptune) taught her how to swim in order for her to join the swim team.

      Her uncle swam in high school and her sister, Jessica, is currently on the swim team.

      A favorite memory of Jenna?s, was when 3 girls attended the try outs for the high school team and showed up in bikinis.

      She enjoys high school swimming, because its fun to be with her friends that she goes to school with. ?Club swimming is more serious and high school swimming is more relaxed.?

      This summer she will go to Lake Pillsbury on vacation. Jenna will also travel to Arizona with her family. This summer she will work at the Healdsburg pool. In the fall she will attend Santa Rosa Junior college taking general ed classes.  She will swim for the Bear Cubs with Jill McCormick.

      Her advice for young swimmers is ?Have Fun and don?t kill yourself?.


Rebecca Hughes (Becca)

Becca started swimming in the 6th grade.  She wanted a sport without hand/eye coordination requirements and she never cared much for running.  She did laps with her Mom, who swims for exercise, and ended up joining the team.

      A memory of Becca?s was, her sophomore year she had strept throat and swam her best time at the SCL meet.  Her friend Ellie Doll was there as her friend, mentor and supported her through the whole race.

      Becca loves high school swimming.  ?It?s relaxed and you get more meet experience.  You?re able to see more time improvements each week because of the many swim meets.  Age group swim meets are more intimidating because there are so many different people there.?

       After graduation Becca plans to travel with 5 of her friends to Europe for 3 weeks.  She will work at the Healdsburg pool this summer and hopefully Coach somewhere.  In the fall she will attend the Santa Rosa Junior College she is hoping to be a teacher, although she is unsure of what subject or grade she wants to teach. Becca is interested in teaching different kinds of courses. She will swim for the JC and play water polo with Jill McCormick.

      Her advice is, ?don?t get so wrapped up in swimming.  It?s not just about winning and racing, you should enjoy the sport and have fun.?


Tyler Hannis

       Tyler was encouraged by his parents to begin swimming at the age of 6.His brother Cory, sister Molly, and his dad all swim as well.

      A favorite memory of Tyler?s, was his freshmen year, he was in Ukiah racing the 500 with his friend, Erik Pfieffer. The race was neck and neck the entire way, and it was very intense. Not only were they friends but they also trained hard together in the pool.  After the race people he didn?t even know approached him to congratulate him.

      For Tyler club swimming is more serious.  ?High school swimming gives you a chance to hang out with your buddies.  When you do well against you?re friends, its fun.  It?s also fun being on the top and not being as serious as club swimming.?

      After graduation this summer Tyler will work as a lifeguard at Ridgeway hopefully head guard and train with the Neptunes. In the fall he will attend the JC, and hopefully transfer to a four year college with a swimming scholarship. Tyler plans on swimming all four years in college.

      His advice to young swimmers is, ?Have fun and make sure you enjoy what you are doing.  Make sure you swim for yourself and not your parents or anyone else.?


Jimmy Fong

      Jimmy started swimming in 1996 at the age of 6, his sister Alice was a swimmer on the Neptunes until 2003.  Nancy Breen was Jimmy?s first coach in the novice group (seahorse group).

      Jimmy?s favorite swim memory is this year?s Sectionals swim meet in Long Beach.  ? We had a bunch of people traveling with us.  Travel meets are always fun.  Swimming my best is fun.?

     ?In club swimming everyone is more dedicated and the atmosphere is geared more toward getting better,? said Jimmy.  ?High school swimming is about team spirit, there are so many meets so close together.?

      Jimmy?s plans this summer include training, lifeguarding & teaching swim lessons.  Jimmy will compete this July in the Janet Evans Invitational at the USC campus in Los Angeles.

      UC Davis has offered Jimmy a $7,500 scholarship to attend and swim for their university in the fall.  Jimmy as one of their top recruits this season.

      Advice to young swimmers, Jimmy said, ?Work hard and stay dedicated to practice and to swim meets.  Try to set specific goals for each race.  Pressed harder for some real advice, Jimmy adds, ?Size doesn?t matter.  I wish I knew that when I was younger.  I wish I could have known a Maya DiRado, to show me that I can still go fast, even though I?m not as big.?  Awesome!!


David Crippes

      David starting swimming 3 years ago in Healdsburg in 2004 when his PE teacher, Mrs. Todd, saw David swim and told him he had a good strokes.

      David?s favorite swimming memory is his 1st ever Zone 3 Championships in San Francisco.  ?There was no pressure to swim fast, it was fun swimming fast.?

      The differences according to David between club swimming and high school swimming ?are that club swimming is more fun ? hanging out with your friends, where as high school swimming is more about winning, not about improving your times.?

      David has been accepted to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  After graduating from Healdsburg High, David plans to spend 1 week in Mexico with his friends before heading to 6 weeks of Basic Training in Colorado.  David plans to major in computer programming.

       His advice to young swimmers, ?Have fun ? I used to get so nervous I made myself sick.  Just relax and listen to your coaches.?

       Last thoughts from David, ? I will always be Tito.?