Ice Breaker T-Shirt Sale
Dear SVSL Teams,
I would like to offer a pre order sheet for your families. 
Here is the information on the T-Shirts for the Ice Breaker event.  The cost is $10.00 Pre-ordered or $12.00 the day of the event.  We are not able to accept Credit Cards for the shirts. 
All orders must be emailed in order to ensure we have received them.
I will be sending the order in at 7AM Monday morning 6/18.  ALL confirmed orders, via email, at 7AM Monday will pay the $10.00.  We will have a limited supply for $12.00 at the event.
Thank You
Stephanie Pinney
Head Coach CRVStingrays
140 Clinton St
Springfield, VT 05156
Pool 1-802-885-2568
Cell 1-802-289-1051

P.S. Order form can be found under the documents tabs. If you are interested, please complete the form and put in the silver box at the Bennington Recreation Center.