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Friday, June 22nd Update From Omaha

Hey all! It was a crazy first day. Whatever our expectations were coming in- they were FAR exceeded. I posted pictures on Facebook (Friend me: Greg Gillette) and they don't come close to doing it justice.

The competition pool is AMAZING- hopefully, everyone at EST will swim in it as it is coming to New England after trials (our friends at Charles River Dragons purchased it). The water is almost glowing it's so clear. And the temperature is perfect. The girls didn't want to get out after warmups.

The warmup pool is ONE tank with 8x 50m lanes AND 8x 25m lanes. And more deck space than I've ever seen. There are massage tables, an athlete lounge with food and couches and bean bags, it's absolutely fantastic.

The volunteers are SOOO nice and helpful. And the National Guard is at all the checkpoints to make sure only properly credentialed people get in places (some are even packing heat!!!).

The atmosphere is definitely that of the calm before the storm. You can see the controlled excitement in every athlete- there is going to be some FAST swimming this week.

Isabel and Kyra had a great day- they had an amazing workout, and got to practice their dives off the new blocks with the launching pad (check Facebook for photos- the blocks are AWESOME!). When we were checking in to get our credentials, we bumped into North Baltimore and some guy named Michael Phelps... He hasn't shaved yet, so he was sporting a horrible mustache :)

Check back here regularly for updates. I'll let you know when Kyra and Izzy are scheduled to swim as soon as I see a timeline.

Coach Greg