Practice Schedule Tue - Sat 6/26 - 6/30



Seniors – Glenloch            6 – 8 am

Gold & Silver Optional Lake Peachtree Swim – We will do a lake swim from Hilltop entrance across the lake (the short way) to the Boat ramps at Battery Way.  The distance is approximately 1500 – 2000 yards.  All swimmers should meet at Hilltop Circle (Lake Peachtree) at 7:30 am.  We will start the swim at 8am.  I would anticipate it will take swimmers approximately 30-40 minutes to cross the lake.  All swimmers  MUST wear their neon green caps.  Swimmers may wear fins if they would be more comfortable.  We will have two kayaks in the water with the swimmers – one in the lead and one at the rear of the group.  We will ask all swimmers to stay with a buddy or with one of the kayaks as they cross the lake.  I would ask parents to drop their swimmers off at Hilltop and meet us at Battery Way to pick their swimmer up no later than 9am.  Heather Stroud has offered to paddle the second kayak.  Please contact Coach Denise if you are interested in assisting with this activity.

Pirates – Glenloch             8 -10 am


Wednesday & Thursday:

Regular practices will resume at Kedron!  Seniors will have afternoon practices on Wed & Thursday also.

Friday:           No Practice due to Birmingham meet.

Saturday:      No Team practices due to Birmingham meet.

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