Olympic Trials - Day 1

Blue Wave swimmers hit the pool in Omaha, Nebraska today for the first time this week at the Olympic Trial Swim Meet. Considered one of the worlds best swim meets, Blue Wave has 5 swimmers participating. Tyler Ball, Barbara Caraballo, Maddie Hess, Sharla Milne, and Jason Taylor will be competing all week in different events.

Tyler Ball hit the water first in the 400 IM, clocking in a 4:33.29 which was just shy of his seeded time. Tyler dove into the pool with some flair, wearing a very bright pink suit that could be seen from the nosebleed sections.

Up next Barbara Caraballo swam the 100 butterfly and went out fast with a 28.9 split at the 50, she finished the race with a 1:02.83.

Jason Taylor swam his 400 freestyle in a best time of 3:56.26, and placed 28th overall.

Tomorrow, Maddie Hess hits the pool in the 100 Backstroke, Sharla Milne will swim the 400 Free and Jason will swim the 200 Fly.