Athlete Representative's

We have two Athlete Representatives graduating and moving on to College. We all thank them for their service to the LSC.

We will need to elect two new Athlete Representives to the Board. We would prefer Sophmores and Juniors so we have a natural rotation of representatives. But, if you are a senior please apply anyhow.

Please read the requirements below for this postion.

Please send me  a brief paragraph or so on your swimming/academic background and what you think you can contribute to Southeastern Swimming.

Please send to me by the end of the Long Course Championships. July 22, 2012



Athlete representatives are elected to the LSC House of Delegates of Southeastern Swimming, Inc., for a two-year term. They should reside in the LSC throughout their term, be engaged in amateur swimming or have competed in the LSC swimming within three (3) years immediately preceding their selection.

The athlete representative shall:

  1. Attend the USAS annual fall meeting (usually in a major USA City) as a representative of the LSC.
  2. Attend the Southeastern Spring and Fall Meetings.
  3. Take an active part in corresponding with other athletes via web page/electonic systems.
  4. Bring topics to the House of Delegates that they have gathered from other athletes concerning swimming in the Southeastern Association.
  5. Make relevant reports from USA Swimming and the USAS Annual Fall Meeting.



Kelly Berger (Senior 2013) - CTA

Ali Smith (Senior 2012) - UN

Adele Mantiple (2012) - TNT

Amelia Strom (Senior 2014) - CA