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Weekly News July 11, 2012

Here is your weekly team update for Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1. Words from Coach Mark
2. 6 Team Records Broken at Nationals
3. Nadadores Rough Water Swim
4. MVN Summer Championships
5. Coach Tina’s Open Water Tips

2012 Inaugural Nadadores 2.4 Mile Rough Water Swim
Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point
August 4
Words from Coach Mark

How We Can Win the Summer Championships!
If I had a dollar for every time a swimmer told me they wouldn’t compete because they "would be too slow" or "I’d hurt the team," I’d be a very wealthy swim coach.
This isn’t the Olympics, folks. Contrary to what many believe, our fast swimmers don’t win Championship Meets; everybody else on our team wins them. Don’t get me wrong, we benefit from our speed merchants, but they don’t help us a lot more than any other swimmer. Give me 80 mediocre swimmers willing to swim 6 individual events and a 5 relays and no one in Southern California; I mean no one, can beat us -- as was done a few years ago!
Every team coming here will have fast and motivated swimmers. But are they a team? That’s where we stand out. We’ve got depth and we value all our swimmers. We’re as happy when any of our swimmers gets a personal best as we are when one of our "rockets" wins their age group or notches a Top Ten time. We’re absolutely beside ourselves when a first-time competitor hits the water for their first race. No matter who you are you’ve done the same work as everyone else every time you come to practice. You’ve earned the right to swim fast at a meet. It’s your reward for all the hard work. Don’t cheat yourself out of one of the biggest pleasures of swimming.
"Okay, I’m willing to go, but I don’t think I can swim a lot of events." Think of it this way: "At our own meet, it is far better to have been beaten twice than to have won once." Philosophy to live by. Swim as slow as you want, just do it often. Several of our swimmers made a habit of only caring about two or three of the many races that they will swim. They just get through the others and hope to score points. And no matter what you think while you’re in the middle of a race, almost nobody will know if you swim badly. On the contrary, a Masters crowd usually recognizes effort more than speed.
At most meets you don’t swim stellar times. Think back, every time you’ve been disappointed in your placing, you’ve looked at the results to see what it would have taken to move up just one place in your age group. Often you would have had to swim lifetime bests by a big margin to score any more points. So rather than worry about it, just take the points and keep on swimming…and scoring. Another cheap point-scoring strategy we’ve used for a couple of years is toget as many of our swimmers to enter the 1500 on the first day. "That’s crazy," you say? Not so, use it as a warm-up, which would be nearly as long anyway, and we score points for it and take a large lead the first day. Last time I checked, no one was awarding points at the warm-up pool. Also many events like the 400 IM, 200 fly, and 200 back will most always score points in your age group.
Look at it this way; we’ve got a chance in every meet to against very large teams with very good swimmers who want to end our string. We’ve got a chance…IF we get as many of our swimmers as possible we’ve got a chance again…IF everyone who goes swims 5-6 individual events along with the relays we put you in. (relay points are scored double!)
I'll be honest with you, winning is a long shot for us this time. But that really doesn't matter and never does. We have done well in years we didn't expect to, and won in years we did. It didn't make any difference. Win or lose, the real joy was that we put forth a strong effort.
6 Team Records Broken at Nationals
Congratulations Swimmers!
Jeff Taylor (55-59)
50 Back – 36.49
John Campbell (65-69)
50 free – 32.19
50 Back – 39.86
100 back – 1:32.67
50 Breast – 41.41
50 Fly – 37.48
Nadadores Rough Water Swim

Saturday, August 4, 2012
Start Location: Salt Creek Beach (see locations link for address and map)
Finish Time: 10:00 am
Race Distance: 2.4 miles
2.4 mile (1.2 mile X 2 loop) course marked with colored buoys. Swimmers will swim
The early on-line entry fee is $35.00 if received before 6:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Friday, July 13.

$50.00 if received after July 13, 6:00pm. On-line registration closes at 6:00 pm (Pacific time) on Friday, July 27.

Paper entry fee is $40.00 and must include a copy of your current 2012 USMS membership card and must be post marked by Monday, July 23.
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MVN Summer Championships
2012 Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Long Course Championships
Friday, August 10 - Sunday, August 12, 2012

Online entries completed by 11:59 PM on Friday, July 27th, 2012 are a flat $45.00 entry fee.

Online entries completed July 28th through 11:59 PM on Monday, August 6th are a flat $60.00 entry fee.
Coach Tina’s Open Water Tips
Experience the beauty of open water swimming.
Swimming in the ocean engages the human spirit. You experience an environment that you need to constantly adjust to because conditions are constantly changing. You will use your senses. You may feel a sense of clarity.
Your mind is kept busy with all that surrounds you. You will engage more muscles to adjust to the conditions. It is a full mind and body experience.
You may feel a grand sense of accomplishment
“Every swim is an adventure.”