Day 2 Olympic Trials

Sorry for the delay in getting news out to everyone.  Yesterday was a very long and exciting day.  We saw some great races and witnessed history as Ryan Lochte took 1st in the men's 400 IM, Peter Vanderkaay took 1st in the men's 400 Freestyle and New England's very own, Elizabeth Beisel, took 1st in the women's 400 IM.  There was fire shooting down the sides of the pool, a water laser show behind our country's gold medal winners and more than a few "Ohhhhs!" as Ryan Lochte tossed his flowers to an unsuspecting fan in the stands and then hugged his mother and gave her his gold medal. 

As for our swimmers, Ryan Harty swam in the 400 IM yesterday and the 100 Backstroke today adding a little time in both events but learning from the experience and ready for his next two races.  Megan Brown also added a little time in her 400 IM yesterday but is ready to rock the pool in her 200 Butterfly on Thursday.  Eva Fabian swam the 400 Freestyle today and looked strong as she prepares for the 800 Freestyle on Saturday.  Kaitlin Harty had an incredible first race this morning not only breaking Elizabeth Beisel's 13-14 year old New England resident's 100 Backstroke record but her time of 1:02.22 won her a place in semi-finals placing her 16th going into tonight.  Make sure to watch her on NBC or NBC Sports this evening!

It has been an incredible experience for all our swimmers and, although a little overwhelming at times, they are watching the world's best swimmers prepare for their races and taking notes on how they too need to prepare and race.  Go Greenwood!