1 Day Until Olympic Trials

The swimmers were downstairs at 7:30 a.m. this morning to eat breakfast and then they were off to the pool to practice.  Yesterday, they saw Ryan Lochte and today they saw Amanda Beard, Nathan Adrien and Coach Bob Bowman. The girls were swimming in the lane next to Amanda and Megan says she recognized her by her beautiful eyes.  Ryan said Nathan Adrien is huge and got a glimpse of what a male sprinter really looks like. Our swimmers practiced for about an hour and then they were off to the athete's room for smoothies, snacks and relaxtion.

The atmosphere in the city is one of excitement and one can't help but to catch it's contagious spirit!  There are swimmers everywhere you go and total strangers will come up to you and wish you luck.  In addition, there is a lot of security at the pool.  There are military soldiers at every door checking the coaches and athletes' credentials and today there were German Shephards being escorted throughout the building ensuring that everything is safe. 

It's been a day of rest today as the swimmers gear up for the beginning of trials tomorrow.  They are excited and ready to go.  They will practice again tonight for about an hour and then Megan and Ryan are ready for their first events tomorrow, the 400 IM.   Let's go Greenwood!!!!