2 Days Until Olympic Trials

We met this morning at 4:45 a.m. at Boston Logan Airport to catch our flight to Omaha, Nebraska.  We had a two hour layover in Chicago but thankfully Coach Lemieux is a member of the Admiral's Club and we all became instant immediate family members.  As a result, son, Ryan, and daughters, Megan and Kaitlin, enjoyed their two hour layover from the comfort of leather seats, snacking on free muffins and pretzels and enjoying free juice, coffee and tea.  Thanks Daddy Lemieux!  The person checking us all in could definitely tell the remarkable family resemblance between us all, especially between Ryan (6'3") and Lemieux (5'9").

We were greeted at the Omaha airport to huge signs on the parking garage welcoming all the swimmers to Omaha with pictures of Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin swimming.  After checking into the hotel and then a quick lunch at Subways, the swimmers were off to register and swim in the pool.  

Megan Brown said, "I almost cried.  It was amazing!"  Kaitlin Harty talked about the athletes rooms that are complete with iPads every where for the swimmers to use when they want, bean bag chairs, couches and refigerators stocked with water. Megan said there was even a smoothie bar.  Ryan Harty was amazed that there were T.V.s in the locker rooms and music everywhere you went.  After swimming in the competition pool they all agreed that it felt fast and Ryan said, "The water was crystal clear.  The clearest water I've ever seen."  Now that is something we don't really see at Greenwood!

The swimmers returned with Swatch watches, license plate covers that say "Swimmer" at the top and "Omaha Olympic Trials Swimming 2012" at the bottom and their Olympic Trials badges.   Then Janet took the girls to a nearby nail salon to get a relaxing pedicure.  After all, they have worked very hard to get here and deserve a little pampering.  Speaking of pampering, there are massage stations at the pool set up for the athletes that they can sign up for anytime they want? 

We will be eating dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then we all have an appointment with our beds as we are all exhausted after a long day of travel and the excitement of finally getting to see the pool!

For everyone's convenience, an "Olympic Trials Webcast" button has been added on the home page of our website so everyone can be part of the excitement.  They will be airing all heats from prelims except for the 3 fastest heats of each event beginning at 11:00 a.m. EST on the Webcast.  The 3 fastest heats of prelims and finals will be aired each day on NBC Sports or NBC.  For a complete schedule you can visit: and then click on "Olympic Trials" and then "TV/Webcast Information." 

Below are the events and days that our swimmers have events:

Ryan - 400 IM - 1st Event
Megan - 400 IM - 4th Event

Kaitlin - 100 Backstroke - 1st Event
Ryan - 100 Backstroke - 4th Event

Wednesday - Our swimmers have no events this day

Megan - 200 Butterfly - 2nd Event

Ryan - 200 Backstroke - 2nd Event
Ryan - 200 IM - 4th Event

Kaitlin - 200 Backstroke - 4th Event

Enjoy the attached pictures and stayed tuned for more news from Omaha!