Amanda Ulicny Makes 1st Age Group Cut at 7 Years Old!!!

Amanda Ulicny attended the 2012 NE NWSC Nor'Easter Classic last weekend in Lowell.  The meet was definitely named appropriately as New England battled a snow storm on Saturday but that did not deter 7 year old Amanda from performing extremely well in the meet.  She swam as a 10 and under and still managed to score in the top 15 in most of her events.  The most note worthy was the 500 Freestyle where she not only picked up her first Age Group Championship event but also managed to break the previous 8 and Under team 500 Freestyle record of 7:11 with a time of 7:07.40.   Most assuredly, we will continue to see this record broken many more times as Amanda still has a couple of years before she turns 9!

Congratulations Amanda!