USA Swimming - Article from GMSC Swimmer Eva Fabian

This article recently appeared in a USA Club Development Newsletter.  Greenwood's very own Eva Fabian gave her advise on the "Keys to Success" in swimming. 

Keys to Success with Eva Fabian 5k Open Water World Champion

1.    Commitment:Commitment is first because it is so important. Commitment means defining your goals, then pursuing them every day in workout; working your hardest on every set and repeat, and never making excuses.

2.    Optimism:Smile! Every day remember why you love to swim, and use that as an attitude booster on tough days or sets. With a good attitude you can turn a bad practice into a successful one, and you can overcome challenges when they occur.

3.    Confidence:Confidence is having the strength and patience to believe in yourself every time you race. It also means being able to view set-backs as challenges.

4.    Respect:Respect is very important. Respect the sport of swimming by always giving your best, and learning about the sport. Respect your coaches. They are working hard for you, and you should never be afraid to communicate with them. Respect your teammates by being a positive team member. Also, respect your competitors.

5.    Passion:Love the sport! Passion is enthusiasm with emotion. If you love swimming, it will love you back.