Eva Fabian Captures Spot on US National Team

If hard work brings results, Eva Fabian knows all about working hard. Fabian, 14, of Keene, NH captured sixth place on Saturday, October 20th, at the US Open Water World Championship Trials in Fort Meyers, Florida. This success guarantees Eva a position to represent Greenwood and the US as a member of the US National Swim team at an upcoming international meet. Father and Coach Jack Fabian said, “Eva trained really hard. Now we have to work on some of the finer details like feeding and holding onto her position right off of the top.ý The 10 kilometer water race takes over two hours to complete, and ultimately the race comes down to a sprint for the last 400 meters. These amazing athletes must have something in reserve to conquer the sprint, but a balance is essential. Fabian must master consumption of her carbohydrate gel for refueling during the race while avoiding getting passed by other swimmers. Coach Fabian will continue to not only fine tune her swimming skills, but also help Eva develop a refueling plan that works best for her during competition.

On capturing sixth place at the meet, the younger Fabian said, “It was an amazing race! I’m looking forward to representing Greenwood and the US at the next meet and moving my position up.ý
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