Despite the bitter cold temperatures, the swimmers from the Greenwood Memorial Swim Club (GMSC) were up before dawn to head off to another swim meet on the weekend of January 29-31, 2010.  The destination was the pool at the Greater Lawrence Technical School in Andover, MA.  Hosted by the very large Magnus Aquatic Group the swim meet was the last stop for the team before the upcoming New England Regional Meet to be held at Smith College in Northampton, MA.

GMSC swimmers placing in the top ten spots were:

Girls 8 and Under

Isabella Song (8) 7th 25Y Freestyle; 6th 50Y Freestyle; 9th 100Y Freestyle; 10th 50Y Backstroke; 7th 25Y Breaststroke

Vivian Weng (7) 4th 50Y Freestyle; 9th 25Y Butterfly

Girls 9 – 10

Lily Doyle (10) 5th 50Y Freestyle; 10th 100Y Freestyle; 8th 200Y Freestyle; 5th 50Y Backstroke; 8th 100Y Backstroke; 3rd 50Y Butterfly; 6th 100Y Butterfly; 5th 100Y Individual Medley

Kasja Dymek (9) 6th 50Y Freestyle; 5th 100Y Freestyle; 4th 200Y Freestyle; 6th 50Y Backstroke; 7th 100Y Backstroke; 5th 50Y Butterfly; 10th 100Y Butterfly; 4th 100Y Individual Medley

Stella Chaves (10) 1st 100Y Freestyle; 1st 200Y Freestyle; 1st 100Y Backstroke; 3rd 50Y Breaststroke; 1st 100Y Butterfly; 2nd 200Y Individual Medley

Erin Conry (10) 8th 50Y Backstroke; 4th 50Y Butterfly

Gabby Knight (10) 1st 50Y Breaststroke; 4th 100Y Breaststroke

Girls 11 – 12

Katie Brandeberry (12) 1st 50Y Freestyle; 1st 100Y Freestyle; 2nd 200Y Freestyle; 1st 50Y Backstroke; 1st 100Y Backstroke; 1st 50Y Breaststroke; 1st 100Y Breaststroke; 4th 50Y Butterfly; 2nd 100Y Butterfly; 1st 100Y Individual Medley

Becky Brandeberry (11) 10th 50Y Freestyle; 10th 200Y Freestyle; 9th 50Y Backstroke; 10th 100Y Backstroke; 7th 50Y Breaststroke; 9th 100Y Breaststroke; 10th 100Y Individual Medley

Tia Glimenkis (12) 5th 200Y Backstroke

Girls Open

Kamryn Stecyk (11) 2nd 1650Y Freestyle

Ally Cheney (13) 9th 1650Y Freestyle

Boys 8 and Under

Dylan Doyle (8) 2nd 25Y Freestyle; 2nd 50Y Freestyle; 2nd 100Y Freestyle; 4th 25Y Backstroke; 3rd 50Y Backstroke; 1st 25Y Butterfly; 2nd 100Y Individual Medley

Christopher Black (7) 3rd 25Y Freestyle; 3rd 50Y Freestyle; 4th 100Y Freestyle; 2nd 25Y Backstroke; 2nd 50Y Backstroke; 4th 25Y Butterfly; 2nd 50Y Butterfly

Boys 9 – 10

Bobby Brandeberry (9) 7th 50Y Freestyle; 8th 100Y Freestyle; 6th 200Y Freestyle; 8th 50Y Backstroke; 7th 100Y Breaststroke; 9th 50Y Butterfly; 8th 100Y Butterfly

Ivan Muchiutti (10) 9th 100Y Freestyle; 8th 200Y Freestyle; 6th 100Y Backstroke; 7th 50Y Breaststroke; 7th 100Y Butterfly

Daniel Ostrerov (9) 9th 100Y Breaststroke

Callum Bell (9) 10th 50Y Butterfly

Boys 11 – 12

Tyler Lufkin (11) 9th 50Y Freestyle; 8th 100Y Freestyle; 10th 50Y Breaststroke; 7th 50Y Butterfly

Ray Trebicka (12) 7th 200Y Freestyle; 5th 50Y Backstroke; 4th 100Y Breaststroke; 1st 100Y Butterfly; 2nd 100Y Individual Medley

Tomielee Graca (11) 9th 200Y Freestyle; 8th 100Y Backstroke; 9th 50Y Butterfly; 4th 100Y Butterfly; 9th 100Y Individual Medley; 8th 500Y Freestyle

Joshua Shi (12) 8th 200Y Freestyle; 10th 50Y Backstroke; 9th 100Y Breaststroke; 8th 100Y Individual Medley

Joshua May (12) 8th 50Y Backstroke; 9th 100Y Butterfly; 10th 100Y Individual Medley

Greg Germagian(12)8th100YBreaststroke                                       

Boys 13 – 14

John Harrington (14) 5th 50Y Freestyle; 3rd 100Y Freestyle; 4th 200Y Freestyle; 5th 100Y Backstroke; 5th 200Y Backstroke; 5th 100Y Butterfly; 3rd 200Y Butterfly; 5th 500Y Freestyle

Sammi Tovar (13) 8th 50Y Freestyle; 8th 200Y Freestyle