WRAT Sr. Spring Invitational Meet

Greenwood Memorial Swim Club Attends WRAT Senior Spring Invitational Swim Meet.

The Elite I and Pre-National swimmers from the Greenwood Memorial Swim Club headed to Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT on May 14-16 to attend the WRAT Senior Spring Invitational Swim Meet.  The very competitive swim meet was hosted by the Westport Weston Family Y Rat Swim Team and Connecticut Swimming, Inc.  One again, the GMSC swimmers had very strong swims.  The top ten results are:


Megan Brown (13) 8th 100 Meter Freestyle, 3rd 400 Meter Freestyle, 4th 1500 Meter Freestyle, 4th 100 Meter Backstroke, 2nd 200 Meter Backstroke, 8th 100 Meter Butterfly, 5th 200 Meter Butterfly, 4th 200 Meter Individual Medley, 5th 400 Meter Individual Medley

Emily Parillo (14) 6th 200 Meter Freestyle, 2nd 400 Meter Freestyle, 5th 1500 Meter Freestyle, 8th 200 Meter Backstroke, 3rd 100 Meter Butterfly, 1st 200 Meter Butterfly, 8th 200 Meter Individual Medley, 3rd 400 Meter Individual Medley

Kamryn Stecyk (11) 10th 1500 Meter Freestyle, 4th 200 Meter Backstroke, 9th 100 Meter Butterfly

Kaitlin Harty (12) 2nd 100 Meter Backstroke, 5th 200 Meter Backstroke

Taylor Strachan (15) 2nd 100 Meter Butterfly, 9th 100 Meter Breaststroke, 9th 200 Meter Individual Medley


Ryan Harty (13) 10th 400 Meter Freestyle, 9th 1500 Meter Freestyle, 8th 100 Meter Backstroke, 3rd 200 Meter Backstroke, 4th 200 Meter Butterfly, 5th 400 Meter Individual Medley

Ross Honig (17) 6th 100 Meter Backstroke, 5th 200 Meter Backstroke

Adam McNally (18) 2nd 100 Meter Breaststroke, 2nd 200 Meter Breaststroke, 7th 200 Meter Individual Medley

Ruben Holly (15) 8th 200 Meter Butterfly