MAC Names New Head Coaches


MAC Families:

I am excited to announce that after an extensive search, the Monocacy Aquatic Club has named Jeb Beaver and Chris Kaplan as co-head coaches. Our team has reached a long term agreement with them to serve in this position.

To reach this decision, MAC formed a search committee consisting of a representative from every one of our swimming groups. This committee received over thirty resumes, and conducted many phone interviews/ presentations. After discussing the merits of each candidate, Jeb and Chris were clearly the best choice and the search committee voted unanimously to recommend them as co-head coaches. The Board voted Thursday (also unanimously) to accept this recommendation. Jeb and Chris will start their new position on July 1st.

The choice to name co-head coaches was based on a number of factors. First, Jeb and Chris, during their interview, made this recommendation as an innovative idea to efficiently handle the many activities a head coach of a large swim team has. They both have coaching and administrative skills sets that complement each other, and strongly believe as a head coach duo they can contribute to MAC in greater ways as opposed to one of them being head coach.

Jeb and Chris, both ASCA level four coaches, have worked together for over 10 years and have a shared vision for our team. The search committee was impressed by their passion and commitment to make MAC a successful club—in and out of the water. Their joint vision centers around striving for excellence, with clearly defined goals for the club and every swimmer on our team. In the near future, MAC will be scheduling a parent meeting to introduce Chis and Jeb and give them the opportunity to present their compelling vision for our team’s future.

Don Feinberg will return in the fall as the National Training Group coach. Don, has been with our club for over 30 years, bleeds MAC red and black, and is highly supportive and excited about this hiring decision.

For families that don’t know Jeb and Chris background, here is a brief summary of their many accomplishments.

Chris has been coaching for over 13 years, serving as assistant coach at Fairmont State University, Hood College, and MAC. He was also the head coach for NBAC’s York team, and was selected to be a Zone Championship Coach in both West Virginia and Maryland LSCs. Chris is a gifted administrator and communicator and has trained/supervised over 40 employees and coordinated lessons for over 1,500 swimmers. As a swimmer, Chris was a six time NCAA Division II All-American and he has coached Olympic Trial, Senior National, and Junior National Qualifiers. He has numerous top 10 USA swimmers including those achieving second in national rankings.

Jeb has 10 years of coaching experience, serving as assistant coach at Hood College and Towson University. He was also the Head Coach at Walkersville High School and Head Age Group coach at MAC, where he was honored as Maryland Age Group coach of the year for the 2010/2011 season. Jeb also has numerous swimmers ranked in the top ten of USA swimming, including three achieving a number one ranking. At Towson, Jeb helped four swimmers quality for the NCAA championship meet. Continuing education as a swimming coach is important to Jeb. For the last few years, Jeb has been a swim camp counselor at the University of Southern California, working with David Salo—one to the top swimming coaches in the country.

I would like to thank the search committee for their hard work and dedication to finding the best coaching solution for MAC. This group included: Ron Burley (Novice), Geoff Irwin (Age Group Development), Dan O'Connell (Age Group 2), Terri Bush (Senior Development), Deb Reynolds (National Training Group) and Helene Williams(National Training Group).

This group reviewed numerous resumes and conducted many interviews—putting in the volunteer time necessary to help our club be successful. On behalf of our community, thanks!

Please check the MAC website for the announcement of a parent meeting to introduce Jeb and Chris, and updates on our infrastructure project.

John Borgersen

President, Monocacy Aquatic Club