MAC Board Adopts Mission Statement

At it's July 2nd Board Meeting, at the recommendation of MAC's two new Head Coaches, the MAC Board of Directors adopted a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. MAC's new Mission Statement will be: 

Inspiring young athletes to succeed in life through the pursuit of excellence in swimming.

Our newly adopted Vision Statement is:

Excellence, success, and becoming a champion are habits forged over time through daily reinforcement.  Swimming is the vehicle we use to teach our young athletes these habits.  Our swimmers learn dedication, commitment, responsibility, courage, vision, and integrity through the pursuit of excellence in swimming.  MAC strives to instill in our swimmers the habits of success that will be used for a lifetime.

Coach Chris and Jeb are excited about implementing this mission and vision for our team and look forward to working with the board, parents and all our great swimmers to make MAC a top swim team not only in Maryland but also in all of USA Swimming.