12 & Under Silver/Bronze Makeups

Parents - as you all know certain events did not run at the 12 & Under Silver/Bronze meet last weekend due to thunderstorms.  The events that had the issues with the weather were events 70-76.  FOR THE SWIMMERS IN EVENTS THAT WERE UNABLE TO SWIM, THESE EVENTS WILL BE MADE UP THIS WEEKEND AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE  13 & OVER SILVER/BRONZE SESSIONS ON SATURDAY, AT APPROXIMATELY 7:30 PM.  There will be no refunds for those of you who can not attend this weekend, AND if you scratched last weekend you may NOT swim this weekend.  Timing assignments will be reassigned by the host team.  I have attached an entry report for the meet based on EVENT so you may see which of you this affects.  If you need to scratch this weekend, please e-mail and Coach Andrea at  Please see the note below from Hamilton Aquatic Club..


We appreciate your understanding with the cancellation due to weather last Sunday. New Jersey Swimming has decided to offer a make up for those swimmers that had their events cancelled during the 11 year old session on Sunday at the 12/under Silver/Bronze Championship. We will have the Make up Saturday, July 21st at Rutgers University following the 13/over Silver-Bronze meet.

  • A 25 minute warm up will start immediately following Session 4 of the meet (not before 7:30pm)
  • Teams participating will be asked to provide timers (Even if you didn't have a timing assignment during the cancelled portion of the meet Sunday)
  • Only swimmers that were checked into those events canceled will be allowed to swim (No additions or changes at alll)
  • Swimmers qualifying for JOs during the make up session will be allowed to enter that event in JOs