2012 LC Season Champ Updated 7/23

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2012 Long Course Championship Meet Wrap Up

Tiger Aquatics is proud to announce the results of the 2012 Louisiana Long Course State Championship.  The Tigers finished 3rd overall in the team compeition. 

Total # of swimmers at state meet:  57

Total # of Sectional Qualifiers:  17


Event Winners (1st place) - total 15 events

Daniel Woodruff                      B 10&U                       50 Breast

Clayton Black                            G 13-14                       100 Free, 200 IM, 200 Free (High Point Winner)*

Lance Michael Rodriguez       B 13-14                       1500 Free, 800 Free (High Point Runner-Up)*

Claire Charpentier                   G 13-14                       800 Free

Mary Claire Beaver                 G 15-16                       100 Fly, 200 Fly

Katelyn Rodriguez                   G 15-16                       400 Free

Nathan Borel                            B Open                       100 Back, 200 Back

Grant Grenfell                          B Open                        200IM, 200 Fly

Joy Jason                                   G Open                       100 Breast (High Point Runner-Up)*


Top 3 All State Team Swimmers (1st – 3rd)

Dan Woodruff                   B 10&U                              50BR (1st), 200FR (2nd), 100FR (3rd), 100BR (3rd)

Abigail Cazes                     G 11-12                              100FR (2nd), 100BK (2nd), 100FL(3rd), 50FR (3rd)

Tristin Partin                     B 11-12                               50FR (2nd)

Johannah Cangelosi        G 11-12                                400FR (2nd)

Chase Comardelle           B 13-14                                100FR(2nd), 200FL (2nd), 100FL (3rd), 400FR (3rd), 200FR (3rd)

Lance M. Rodriguez        B 13-14                                1500FR (1st), 800FR (1st)

Braden Nyboer                 B 13-14                                400IM (2nd)

Claire Charpentier           G  13-14                               800FR (1st), 1500FR (2nd), 100FL (3rd), 400FR (3rd), 200FR (3rd)

Clayton Black                   G  13-14                               100FR(1st), 200IM(1st), 200FR(1st), 100FL(2nd), 50FR (2nd), 400FR (2nd)

Mary Claire Beaver         G 15-16                                100FL (1st), 200FL (1st), 100FR (3rd)

Katelyn Rodriguez           G  15-16                               400FR (1st), 100FR (2nd), 200FR (2nd), 800FR (3rd)

Joy Jason                           G Open                                100BR (1st), 1500FR (2nd), 800FR (2nd), 200BR (2nd), 200FR (3rd)

Sara Lessard                     G Open                                200FL (3rd)

Nathan Borel                    B Open                                200BK (1st), 100BK (1st)

Clay Furr                            B Open                                100FL (2nd), 200FL (2nd)

Grant Grenfell                  B Open                                 200IM (1st), 400IM (2nd)

Casey Panepinto              B Open                                1500FR (3rd), 800FR (3rd), 400FR (3rd)


TOP 8  Swimmers (4th through 8th) 

Allie Thurman                    G  15-16                             200IM, 400IM

Amanda Mazoch              G  13-14                              800FR, 1500FR

Andrew Borel                    B Open                                100BK, 100BR

Brad Mazoch                      B 15- 16                              100BK, 200BK, 100FL

Brady Coleman                  B 15-16                               200BR, 400IM

Brady Grenfell                   B 15-16                                100FL, 200FL

Colin Finnegan                  B Open                                 200IM, 100FR, 800FR

Emily Rush                         G Open                                400IM, 100BR, 200BR

Jarrod Brown                     B Open                                400FR

Katie Cazes                         G 15-16                               200FL

Nick Romero                      B 13-14                                800FR, 1500FR, 200BK, 400FR, 200FR

Ty Grenfell                          B 10&U                                100FR, 50BK, 50FR, 100BK, 200FR

Zachary Babin                    B 11-12                               50BR (swam unattached)

Also:  A. Cazes (50BK, 50FL), B. Nyboer (1500FR, 20IM, 800FR), C. Comardelle (50FR), C. Charpentier (100FR), C. Furr (400FR), D. Woodruff (50FL, 200IM), G. Grenfell (50FR), J. Jason (400FR), K. Rodriguez (200BK),  Lance M. Rodriguez (100FR, 200BK), N. Borel (50FR, 200IM, 100FR, 200FR), S. Lessard (400IM, 100FL, 200IM), 

Top 16 Swimmers (9th – 16th Place)

Amanda Andrews            G 10&U                                 100FR, 50FL, 50FR

Ashley Sills                        G 15-16                                 100BK, 50FR, 400FR, 200FR, 200BK

Brad Lewis                         B 15-16                                 100BK, 100BR, 200BR, 200BK

Carrie Grace Thurman    G 11-12                                 100FL

Jackson Forbes                 B 15-16                                 50FR

Kara Ye                              G 15-16                                 200FL

Mason Nyboer                 B 11-12                                 200FR

Matt Miyagi                      B 13-14                                 200FR

Sarah Ye                            G 13-14/Open                      200BR, 100BR

Stewart Black                   B 10&U                                  50FL

Also:  A. Thurman (800 FR, 400FR, 200FR, 100FL), A. Borel (50FR, 100FR), B. Mazoch (100FR, 400FR), B.  Nyboer (400FR), B. Coleman (100BR, 200FL, 200IM), B. Grenfell (100FR, 50FR, 400FR), C. Panepinto (200IM, 200FR), C. Finnegan (100BK), E. Rush (200BK, 200IM, 100BK), J. Brown (100FR, 200FR, 100BK), J. Cangelosi (100FR, 50FR, 100FL), K. Cazes (100FL, 400FR, 200FR), M. Beaver (50FR, 200FR, 400FR), N. Romero (200BR), S. Lessard (200BK), T. Partin (100FR, 50BK, 100BK), T. Grenfell (20IM), Z. Babin (100BR)

Relay News

Boys 13-14 800 Free Relay - swam as B team in the Open Relay and broke the LA state record for 800FR Relay - congratulations to LM Rodriguez, N. Romero, B. Nyboer, C. Comardelle.  Great job guys.  


2012 Texas Senior Sectional Qualifiers  (17 Athletes)

Grant Grenfell                                                           Joy Jason

Colin Finnegan                                                          Katelyn Rodriguez

Nathan Borel                                                             Mary Claire Beaver    

Clay Furr                                                                   Clayton Black

Brady Coleman                                                          Emily Rush

Jarrod Brown                                                             Caroline Forbes                                                       

Brady Grenfell

Chase Comardelle

Andrew Borel

Ethan Vesling

Brad Mazoch


Jr. National Qualifiers:  New & Current Qualifiers to be announced following the end of the season. 

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