FLAGS CONGRATULATIONS! Another great team meet!


CONGRATULATIONS! Another great team meet!

At FLAGS this past weekend 100% of NFS swimmers swam either a lifetime best individual or lifetime best relay split!

Twenty two NFS Swimmers age 14 and younger competed in Gainesville at the Florida Age Group Swimming Championship meet (known as FLAGS).

Coach Mel, “We had another great team meet across the board. I was extremely pleased with the weekend. Everybody swam well. Every NFS swimmer at the meet did either a lifetime best individual or a lifetime best relay split. It is really gratifying when everyone swims best times and right around their best times. A lot of teams at championship meets have 10-30% of their swimmers pretty far off their times. We fortunately have not had that happen here.”

When asked for a few comments about the meet Coach Erin said, “Relays were fun and exciting to watch.  Drew Johnson did lifetime best times by 5+ seconds on the relays!  Jacob (Rubin) had great anchor legs.  Travis (Bloom) didn't swim the individual 100 fly, but he went 1:06 on the relay!  All of the 10&under girls did really well.  They had a great time warming up and swimming the relays together!

Coach Mel too sited the relays as a high point.  “NFS relays scored lots of points for the team and gave our swimmers opportunities for some outstanding breakout swims.” A great example of how well our team swam was the exciting 200 Freestyle relay for 13&14 girls. Competing against the biggest teams in the state - Sarasota, T Bay, Swim Florida, Bolles, Gator, Clearwater – our girls (Emma Devine, Christi Riley, Justine Watkins-Cavanaugh and Lexi Riley) stood up and raced head to head, holding the lead by as much as a body length in the race and barely getting touched out at the end by Bolles while finishing way ahead of the rest of the field. The race brought the crowd to their feet, and some well-deserved compliments from other coaches. Coach Mel, “Coaches kept coming up to us to say how great our kids were swimming. I was especially pleased that they were also commenting on how good they looked while swimming so well.” Coach Erin also had a coach talk to her about how impressed he was with Anisa Vashi’s breaststroke saying, “Look at how long she is, and she pulls so much water.”

Coach Mel continued, “Their strokes did look great, and they will continue to improve. We still have work to do. In the excitement of the first day of the meet several of our folks in the 100 freestyle did not breathe on the first 25 (like we tell them to; hint, hint) and so they felt it on the last 25 and hurt! But that is what makes this so exciting, we swam well but we still have things we can improve upon. That’s what I love about coaching this team. If we keep concentrating on the details, working on those things in practice we will keep getting faster.”

There were exciting swims from every NFS swimmer. Our own Christi Riley in her first ever summer FLAGS clocked a sub-minute 100 meter free to win the event with a time of 59.82. She repeated in the 50 free, winning the race with a great finish.

Our FLAGS team: 13&14: Jackson Bloom, Travis Bloom, Anisa Vashi, Alex Cook, Emma Devine, John Lamb, Lexi Riley, Cameron Sistare, Christi Riley, Justine Watkins-Cavanaugh. 11&12 Alyssa Viner, Lilly Szymczak, Molly See, Jacob Rubin, Drew Johnson, Tyler Watson, Isabella Wagner, Jackson Skigen. 10&Under: Sydney Chin, Shiori Johnson, Leena Vashi, and Vivianne Wagner.

NFS finished in 16thplace at FLAGS with 426 points.