Fall Schedule & Fee Changes

     As we come to a close of another spectacular Long Course Season.  We want to thank all of our staff, swimmers, and families for their commitment to the AmberJax.  Every August we reflect and evaluate everything about our swim program.   Be assured that we will continue to build on our successes and look for ways to take the AmberJax to another level.  As a non-profit we are always mindful of the cost of swimming for the AmberJax.  We feel it is important to keep or cost down, but we will continue to make facility and equipment improvements along with putting the best coaching staff in Florida on the deck.
     As the new swim season starts today, we are restructuring our fee schedule.  Every group's monthly rate has been raised $5 per month.  Also now we have changed from a quarterly option to a 4 month seasonal option.  The Seasonal option will offer a deeper discount than ever before.  Also the annual family assessment fee, ($200 for a single swimmer or $250 for family) if paid in full by November 1st your account is current, we will issue your swimmer one team swim cap of their choice. 

Details of the new fee structure can be found @

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