2012 Summer JO's Recap


Wednesday Highlights

The first day of JO's started off strong with Solana Laughlin winning the 200 back with a 3 second drop.  Then, Taylor Snell got 6th in the 100 free and 7th in the 100 fly dropping 3 seconds.  Lindsey Clark dropped 2 seconds in the 100 free and got 7th.  David Peterson made top 16 in his 100 free and top eight the 800, achieving best times in both.  Brandon Lum finished the night 6th place finish in the 200 fly.  Overall, Wed was characterized by learning valuable lessons of how to swim smarter regardless of how one "feels."



Buena had13 swims in finals on Thursday night.  Tea Laughlin started out finals by winning consolation finals in the 100 fly with a 3 second from from prelims, totaling a 5 second drop from her entered time.  In the 200 free Brigid McNally finished 4th, 13 year old Alicia Harrison finished 14th, David Peterson and Annika Arroyo won consolation finals, Joshua Sponseller dropped 4 seconds for an 11th place finish and Taylor Snell dropped 5 seconds for a 10th place finish.  In the 100 back Tea Laughlin finished 4th with a 4 second drop and 9 year old and first-time JO qualifier Kailee Ruiz finished 16th.  Brandon Lum was our only representitve in the 400 IM representing well with a 12th place finish.  Annika Arroyo finished 4th in the 50 breast, Spencer Allen finished 16th and Alicia Harrison won consolation finals in the 100 breast.  Again, Thursday repeated the theme of Wednesday: his Summer JO’s is proving to be a valuable experience for Buena swimmers in learning that you don’t need to feel good to swim fast.  More exposure to these kinds of meets now results in faster swims later!



The highlight of Friday’s swims was Stewart Harrison’s 11 sec drop in the 400 free (4:16.10) earning him second place.  It was the kind of swim where something "clicked" and Stewart swam to his potential. It was so exciting to watch!  It's the kind of swim we're wanting every Buena swimmer to experience on a more regular basis!  Brigid McNally got second place in the 400, Lindsey Clark 16th and David Peterson 7th.  In the 100 fly Taylor Snell got 4th and Brandon Lum, 6th.  Lum also earned a 15th place in the 200 medley.  The Gold Group represented Buena well in finals: Annika Arroyo got 3rd in the 50 fly and 8th in the 200 Medley.  Tea Laughlin got 12th dropping 2 seconds.  


Saturday + Buena’s Final Standing after Relays

In the 100 breaststrokes Annika Arroyo got 5th place and Spencer Allen got 6th with a two second drop.  And Brandon Lum got 7th in the 200 breaststroke with a 4 second drop.  In the 50 backstroke nine year old Kailee Ruiz earned 16th place, Tea Laughlin was 10th with a 2 second drop, Joshua Sponseller dropped half a second to earn 8th place and Spencer Allen got 10th with a 1 second drop.  Lindsey Clark got 7th in the 100 back dropping nearly a second.  And in the last individual event of the meet, the 50 free, Annika Arroyo got 5th, and David Peterson got 4th.  After all Buena’s relays, our final, combined score was 13th.  Keep in mind that many of these teams had some of their fastest swimmers at the meet that could have done well at Sectionals.  We used only a few swims that could be considered “Sectional” swims.  If we had brought our faster kids like some of the other teams we would have been in the top 5-7 easily!  Congratulations to all of you who competed in the Junior Olympics!  And thank you to all the parents for their strong support.