Day 2 summary from the XIth U.A.N.A. Pan American Junior Women's Championships

Game #9 VEN 6 BRA 15

For the second day in a row, Brazil overpowers her opponent. This time, Brazil took care of a feisty Venezuela team by the score of 15-6. Outside shooting was the key for the Brazil team as it was their extra man situation, where they scored 7 goals.

Mirella Coutinho was the best scorer of the game with five goals, three of them coming on the second half of the game. Brazil’s next game will be a test of their dominance when they face an undefeated USA team. Venezuela will play against Puerto Rico, which is also looking for their first victory of the tournament in two starts.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
VEN 1 3 2 0 6
BRA 4 2 4 5 15

Referees:  Joe PEILA (USA) and Jose CARDENAS (COL)
UANA Delegate:  Maximiliano AGUILAR

Game #10 USA 16 MEX 2

After a very close first quarter, which ended with a 3-2 lead for the USA, the Americans went on a 14-0 spree for the rest of the game. The Mexicans were no match for United States speed and strength.

Mexico had five chances to score on extra man but couldn’t capitalize in any of them. The Americans had six chances, scoring half of them. USA will play Brazil tomorrow, which could be a prelude of a semi-final or final game. Mexico will play Canada.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
USA 3 4 5 4 16
MEX 2 0 0 0 2

Referees:  Hélène PAINCHAUD (CAN) and Luis CONTRERUS (VEN)
UANA Delegate:  Rick VALOUCHE

Game #8 PUR 1 CAN 25

Canada’s strength was too much for the Puerto Rico team. The more experienced Canada team used their centre post to either score or set up the other players for easy goals. The Puerto Rico team, comprised mostly of players 17 or less, were not a match for the Canada team.

By the end of the first quarter, Canada had a 7-0 lead, based on their counter attack and attack from centre post situation. For tomorrow’s games, Puerto Rico will play Venezuela and Canada will play Mexico.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
PUR 0 0 0 1 1
CAN 7 8 5 5 25

Referees:  Jose WERNER (BRA) and Charissa HACKSHAW (TRI)
UANA Delegate:  Guillermo PACHECO