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Exciting Season Ahead at LAC

Greetings all Aquacowboys Families, we're coming off a great season in which we had more swimmers qualify for JO's, Far Westerns, Sectionals, Santa Clara International Meet and Junior Nationals than ever before!  

I am writing this message from Indianapolis, where I just saw Nina perform her 3rd personal best of the meet, going 2:22.2 in the 200 IM and narrowly missing the Finals.  Nina was seeded around 60th and ended up 28th (top 24 make finals).  I am extremely proud of her and of the great work she's put in to improve, as I am of all LAC swimmers who do their best!  

One thing that strikes me at this meet, which has the fastest 18&un swimmers in the country, is that these swimmers are just regular people like you and me.  Of course, they are in good physical condition, but so are most of the people on LAC.  From talking with coaches at the meet and from observing swimmers, there seems to be a common thread that runs through the successes of these athletes.  Most of them are aware of the importance of:  

Goal Setting 


Breathing/ Breath Control-Awareness 

Positive Self Talk 

How many times have you heard someone say, "She's so fast, I'll never be that fast."  or "I feel tired."  The minute I hear these things, I know that person is talking themselves out of success.  Conversely, when I hear an LAC team member eagerly and enthusiastically share their goals with me, I am certain those goals are on their way.  Chris Gonzalez is a good example.  He has countlessly shared inspiring goals with me and has asked me what I will give to him if he makes them.  I am glad to give him a cookie or a cap for reaching his goals because I love watching how enthusiastic he is about going for them.  

I believe our team can place several people at the Junior National and National Level.  I believe we can place almost everyone at the JO level or above if that is truly a goal we will ALL believe in.  What are your goals?  Have you gotten clear about them?  This is the first step.  The next step is to visualize making the goal, use your breathing to stimulate you or relax you depending on what the moment calls for, and remember to always use positive self talk.  Remember, if you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right!  


Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before school.  Looking forward to a great upcoming season, 

Coach Alex