Day 7 summary from the XVIIth U.A.N.A. Pan American Junior Men's Championships

Game #43 ARG 16 PER 9

In a south America battle for positions 9-10, Argentina came up on top 16-9. Argentina played conservative in the first quarter, scoring mostly from outside shots. Peru relied on extra man situations to score goals and tie the game at 3. During the second quarter, Argentina scored three consecutive goals on extra man and two on counter attacks to open up the game by 5 goals.

During the third and fourth quarter, Argentina scored on outside shots consistently and didn’t let Peru develop an offensive strategy. It was in the fourth quarter where Peru scored three goals in a row, but Argentina countered by scoring 3 goals of their own.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
ARG 3 5 5 3 16
PER 3 0 2 4 9

Referees:  Charrisa HACKSHAW (TRI) and Gustavo SERRANO (MEX)
UANA Delegate:  Neil MUIR and Manuel DE JESUS

Game #44 MEX 6 VEN 8

In the first game for 5-8 places, Venezuela outhustled Mexico in a 8-6 win. The first quarter was a very balanced one with few exclusions and goals scored from the perimeter. During the second quarter, Venezuela scored two out of their three goals in extra man situations and went ahead 5-4 at the half.

Third quarter both teams tightened up their defense and didn’t allow counter attack goals. Each team scored one goal apiece to have a one goal lead heading to the fourth quarter. Venezuela scored the first goal of the quarter, but Mexico countered in their next possession With 1:48 left in the game Venezuela put the game away with an uncontested goal. With the win Venezuela advances to the 5-6 place game against the winner of Puerto Rico Trinidad. Mexico will play for the 7-8 place against the loser of the Puerto Rico-Trinidad game. Erik Juarez (#12) from Mexico was top scorer of the game with three goals. Venezuela had three players with two goals.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
MEX 2 3 1 1 6
VEN 2 3 1 2 8

Referees: Borut CERNIC (CAN) and Natacha FLORESTANO (BRA)
UANA Delegate:  Jim CULLINGHAM and Takeshi INOUE

Game #45 PUR 10 TRI 11 (OT)

Trinidad and Tobago kept their cool during the last quarter and mounted a comeback to be able to beat Puerto Rico in overtime by the smallest margin. Puerto Rico started strong from centre post attacks and good outside shooting to take the lead in the first quarter. Trinidad and Tobago came back strong in the second quarter, playing a solid zone defense and keeping Puerto Rico’s big gun Luis Mojica (#4) either from touching the ball or double teaming him every time he touched the ball.

In the thirs quarter both teams played conservative ball, with Puerto Rico been able to capitalize in two extra man situations and Trinidad scoring from the inside. Puerto Rico took a 9-7 lead to the fourth quarter, a lead that disappeared within the first three minutes of the quarter. Both teams traded possessions to no avail. The game went into overtime and in the second overtime period Trinidad scored on extra man to take a lead. Puerto Rico had three chances to tie the game but came up short. Ian Solano (#6) and Fernando Zayas (#7) led Puerto Rico with three goals. Russell Ferreira led all scorers with four goals. With the win, Trinidad plays for 5-6 place against Venezuela and Puerto Rico will play Mexico for 7-8 place.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Overtime 1 Overtime 2 Final
PUR 3 1 5 1 0 0 10
TRI 3 2 2 3 0 1 11

Referees:  Joe PEILA (USA) and Hélène PAINCHAUD (CAN)
UANA Delegate:  Rick VALOUCHE and Guillermo PACHECO

Game #46 BRA 17 COL 6

Once again, the strong and quick Brazil team proved to be too much for a weaker team. This time, Colombia was no match for the Brazilian team, who from the first quarter came playing strong at both ends of the pool. In the first quarter Brazil scored   goals and kept increasing the lead throughout the game. By halftime the game was 6-2, a lead that Brazil wasn’t satisfied with and kept increasing for the rest of the game

A well balanced attack has proven deadly for Brazil’s opponents. As they have done in every game, they have scored either from centre post, counter attacks, extra man and pinpoint outside shooting.   Yuri Dos Santos (#3) was the leading scorer for the game and for Brazil with 4 goals.  William Moncada (#7), with three goals, was the lead scorer for  Colombia, who will now play the loser of Canada-USA for the bronze medal. Brazil will play for the gold medal against the winner of Canada-USA.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
BRA 4 2 6 5 17
COL 1 1 1 3 6

Referees: Jose REYES (DOR) and Luis PARADES (VEN)
UANA Delegate:  Takeshi INOUE and Bill SHAW

Game #47 CAN 6 USA 10

In the highly expected game of the session, USA and Canada played a very intense and highly contested game. This game decided what team would play for the gold medal against Brazil. The first quarter ended 2-1 with USA ahead. An extra man goal was the difference in the quarter. For the second quarter, USA  scored in both their extra man opportunities and a penalty while Canada scored on counter attack and extra man. The first half ended with USA on top 5-3

During the third quarter, USA came out with a lots of offensive intensity, scoring three goals. Canada couldn’t get untracked in offense part due to the press and zone defense that USA used. USA led after three quarters 8-3.The last quarter Canada came out strong, but USA matched goal for goal and won by 10-6.  Patric Fellner from the USA led all scorers with 4 goals. USA will play for the gold medal against Brazil. Canada will play Colombia for the Bronze medal.

  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
CAN 1 2 0 3 6
USA 2 3 3 2 10

Referees: Wilmer POZO (PER) and Gene DEL VALLE (PUR)
UANA Delegate:  Guillermo PACHECO and Manuel DE JESUS