Notes for New Parents

We were glad to see such a good turnout last night for the Orientation Meetings and gear pick up. If you were not able to get by to pick up your swimmer's gear, Coach Heather or some volunteers will have your gear to be picked up at the swimmers' entrance during the first days of practice.

Please make sure that you have logged into this web site by clicking the "Sign In" button to the left. Once you login, please remember to verify your email address(es) and your swimmer's or swimmers' information.

To verify your email address, go to "My Account". Select the email address, and then click the "Verify" button on the right. The system will send you an email with a link to click. Make sure that you click that link, or paste the information into your browser to complete the verification. As our website admin Cathy Summers mentioned in the meetings last night, the system will only send emails, like meet announcements or other updates, to verified email addresses.

Please check your swimmer's or swimmers' information. We need to have accurate first name, middle initial and last name for each swimmer, except the Mini Mako Developmental swimmers, for the USA Swimming registration. If you see any mistakes, please email Cathy with the corrections. You can add or modify the Preferred name field, but only the administrators can modify the First name, Last name, Middle initial and birth date. Remember that the first name should be the swimmer's legal first name even if they use their middle name, such as "Thomas M" instead of "Matt T".

If your swimmer participated for another USA Swimming club last year, please fill in the PVS Transfer Form for Athletes. If you have changed teams this year, you must submit a transfer form to the PVS Registrar. This form is available online. Please use the above link to complete your transfer form & submit to PVS. Your registration with PVS will not be complete without this form.

If you haven't received the login information, please email Cathy with your name, your swimmer's name or swimmers' names, and any other email address you might have used on your registration form.  Please do remember that if you had multiple email adresses on the registration form, we used the first email address as your login email address, and that is the only email address to which the login information is sent.

Please check out the FAQ as you get ready for practices to start or for the first meets.  Please also check the Mako Facebook page.  It's another great way to connect with the other parents and other swimmers.