"What are you prepared to do?"...Sean Connery from the movie, The Untouchables.


Welcome back Stingrays! I hope this finds you all rested, settled into your school routines and very ready to get back in the pool! I know we are, too.


Stingrays, we ended our 25th year ...BIG!; many of those accomplishments can be seen in the past News items. A few to mention: State Champions (a Team First!), 9 Olympic Trial qualifiers, 4 Zone swimmers, 40+ swimmers currently swimming in college, and the list goes on. This is a testament to you all...constantly improving, believing you can achieve great things, suppporting your teammates and aggressively pursuing excellence!


So, where do we go from here? Do we spend the next season satisfied; patting ourselves on the back for a job well-done? Do we give small efforts and shrink from challenges knowing that someone else on the team will step up and go fast? Do we only try hard on the things we know we are already good at? (I hope you don't need an answer to these questions.)


Or, do we have and nurture, in your groups and lanes, an attitude of success and unity? Of course. You see, the questions above are decisions we make and come from an attitude that we bring to the pool.


What does a successful attitude look like? Respect. Dedication. Discipline. Honesty. Loyalty.

You are Stingrays who come to the pool knowing that your part on the Team is necessary and good...just like everyone elses. (RESPECT) You come to your practices regularly and frequently to improve skills and develop the best habits. (DEDICATION) You do your skills, both swimming and character skills, matter your mood or circumstance. (DISCIPLINE) You communicate with your coaches openly so that we can coach you better at practice and meets. (HONESTY) You support your Stingray teammates by cheering for them, keeping comments in the lanes positive and sticking to the Core Values mentioned above. (LOYALTY)


Our continued success depends entirely on a Team that does all those things...Swimmers, Parents and Coaches.


We are looking forward to a great 26th year with all of you! See you on deck!