Welcome Back

 Hey everyone hope you all had a great rest of your summer. We are quickly approaching the short course season, and the coaching staff just wanted to give you some tips to help you be ready for the upcoming season.

We have had almost a month and a half off so I am sure we all need to get our muscles loose and ready to work. So as you all are getting home from school or other activites you could be doing just some simple streches that will get our muscles loose. Another way to help get your body used to activity again is since it is cooling down out there and moving more towards fall. It is a great time to go just for a quick walk outside or run around with a sibiling outside. There are so many other ways to get ready these are just a few. We as coaches always like to hear about the activites you did during break.

Second, is nutrition we need to focus on the foods that we eat through out the season. We all know the proper nutrition, but just to help everyone I will give a little refresher. Remember fruit and veggies can never do you wrong. Also, another good food for your body is lean meat and protein for your muscles will need that protein to help rebuild and renew. For meets remember to eat carbs the night before and the day of the meet to eat fruit, light carbs, and of course stay hydrated with water and gatorade.

Hope everyone has a great school year and an awesome swim season. See you at the pool.


Coach Justin