FINA Technical Rules Changes for 2013 Barcelona Congress
FINA Technical Rules Changes  -- 
UANA International Relations Officer and FINA Bureau member Dr. Margo Mountjoy discussed how technical rules changes will happen as a result of the 2013 FINA Technical Congresses that will take place in Barcelona in July 2013 in conjunction with the 15th FINA World Championships. She suggested for UANA to act in a more efficient and effective manner by submitting the desired technical rule changes as a group rather than each Federation acting independently. Each Federation’s requests will carry a stronger message by asking for support from the 42 UANA countries.
It was recommended for all UANA Technical Committees and Federations to submit all suggestions for technical rules changes and/or ideas to Secretary / Treasurer Fernando J Canales. This timing allows for the collation of the suggestions and circulation to the UANA Member Federations for consultation prior to the final FINA submission date of November 2012.
This does not negate the right of the individual countries to submit proposals individually.  Proposed submissions from the UANA Technical Committees are due to UANA (FC) September 30, 2012.
Please submit rules proposals to: 
Fernando Canales: