UANA Executive Committee Meeting & Reports from Technical Chairs
UANA Meeting Minutes
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
May 12, 2012
UANA President - Mr. Coaracy Nunes Filho (BRA)
Honorary UANA Life President - Mr. Eldon C. Godfrey (CAN)
UANA Secretary / Treasurer – Mr. Fernando J Canales (USA)
UANA Vice President - Mr. Errol Clarke (BAR)
UANA Vice President and WP Technical Committee Chair - Mr. Bill Shaw (CAN)
Mr. Luis Leiva Perez (CHI)
Mr. Steve McFarland (USA)
Mr. Ismael Gonzalez (GUA)
Mr. Brian Johnson (CAN)
UANA International Relations Officer - Mrs. Margo Mountjoy (CAN)
UANA Media Officer – Mr. Gregory Eggert (USA)
UANA Financial Advisor – Mr. Mel Goldstein (USA)
Diving Technical Committee Chair – Ms. Kathy Seaman (CAN)
Synchronized Swimming Technical Committee Chair – Ms. Rose Cody (PUR)
Open Water Technical Committee Chair – Mr. Denny Ryther (USA)
Swimming Technical Committee Chair – Mr. Bill Hogan (CAN)
Technical Water Polo Committee Chair – Mr. Roberto Cabral (BRA)
Masters Committee Chair - Mr. Mel Goldstein (USA)
UANA PRESIDENT'S WELCOME & REMARKS --  President Coaracy Nunes Filho introduced himself to the UANA members requesting for everyone’s support.  He spoke about his experience as he enters his 22nd year as President of the CBDA , President of CONSANAT and COLAN and 12 years on FINA Bureau. President Coaracy explained how his biggest worry when directing a sports organization is the financial status which ultimately dictates how the administration will be able to work. He introduced Secretary-Treasurer Fernando J Canales and asked the UANA Executive to approve Mel Goldstein as UANA's Financial Manager noting Mel's experience as the longtime and experienced Treasurer of United States Aquatic Sports. He recognized Honorary Life President Eldon Godfrey as “the miracle maker” and his great friend and brother. President Coaracy is confident that we will do very well by working in conjunction with all of the present members of UANA who have the greatest credibility in the sports community.  All members gave a personal introduction.

APPROVAL OF 2011 UANA CONGRESS MINUTES  -  The Minutes of the October 2017 UANA Congress were reviewed and approved and will be posted at the UANA website.
UANA FINANCIAL REPORT  --  President Coaracy spoke about his efforts to secure sponsorships for UANA, explaining the substance of our organization and the need for all Federations to support these efforts. He assured the members that he will be present at all UANA events and requested feedback  from all regarding UANA matters, All President’s expenses as well as those from the Brasilian members of the Technical Committees will be covered by CBDA until UANA secures  a sponsor.

It was determined that payments in cash are a good practice for UANA business.  A proposal to amend the dues clause and for 2012 billing after May 15th  and for future dates billing would be in February of the odd year was considered, discussed and approved.  A proposal to authorize the CCCAN and CONSANAT to collect UANA dues was unanimously approved.

Contracts for all UANA events are identical except for water polo and masters.  Water polo has a different model without a formal contract and masters has included a per person participation fee that is split between the NF host and UANA.  Fernando Canales will distribute a copy of our standard contract for review and comments in early July. We will accept suggestions from the members for amendment.

Thanks were offered to Mr. Mel Goldstein for the brilliant idea to apply a small surcharge per athlete during Masters Events that guarantees a future stream of income for UANA.  For the present time, the surcharge does not apply in the same manner to other UANA aquatic disciplines.
UANA CALENDAR OF EVENTS --  President Coaracy explained that UANA must promote the participation of juniors in order to be successful and provide better opportunities for the growth of our aquatic disciplines.

Swimming:  President Coaracy indicated that the Brasilian Swimming Federation (CBDA) is prepared to host the 1st UANA PAG Junior Swimming Championships in January of 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 
Synchronized Swimming:  UANA Summons for Synchronized Swimming PAG in Cali, Colombia was not available. Secretary/Treasurer Fernando J Canales will contact the Colombian Federation in order to expedite this process so that the summons can be distributed to all UANA Federations.  The Puerto Rico Swimming Federation submitted a bid to host the 2013 UANA Synchronized Swimming Championships in San Juan during July or August of 2013. The bid was accepted and it is the only bid submitted for this event to date.

Open Water:  III Open Water PAG to be held in Isla Margarita, Venezuela from May 13-15 of 2013.

Masters:  The UANA Pan American Masters are scheduled for May 31 to June 10, 2013 in Sarasota, Florida.  There is a possibility that the Organizing Committee will expand the event to include other aquatic disciplines with information available in July.
REMARKS FROM HONORARY LIFE PRESIDENT -- Hon. Life President Mr. Eldon C. Godfrey gave a written report and a summary of the PASO / ACODEPA meetings he attended last March in Mexico City. UANA will continue to be invited to future assembly's but will attend without a vote. The membership of PASO comprises the NOCs of the Americas; accordingly, only NOC members have a voice and vote at the Assembly. PASO reported a solvent and strong financial position. The subject about PASO’s 2012 Preparation Grant was discussed. This grant was supposed to be available to al; NOC’s and the question remains as to what may have happened to this grant money? Toronto 2015 will be adding two sports which are Rugby and Golf. The 2015 Games propose to include approximately 5914 athletes.  ACODEPA is the Association of International Sport Governing Bodies of the Americas.  UANA is a member of ACODEPA and now, we believe, for the first time holds a position on the Board
INTRODUCTION OF ISHOF  --  Bruce Wigo welcomed our group and reported the present state of ISHOF affairs. He also gave us a written and oral presentation relating the strong relationship between ISHOF and the FINA Bureau including current and past FINA Presidents. Mr. Wigo was gracious and generous in allowing us to use the wonderful facilities at the ISHOF for the celebration of our meetings. President Coaracy and the UANA Executive Committee gave thanks to Mr. Wigo for his generosity, hard work and good will. 

Diving Report  --  UANA Chair Ms. Kathy Seaman detailed a summary of important judges that will be in London 2012, representing a very strong team. She stated that Federations have shown there is a strong need for clinics for coaches. Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica Colombia need assistance and they have agreed to host clinics. UANA's objective will be to improve the coach’s curriculum. The current judges curriculum is very strong. The program for development needs to be consistent. Nine Coaches have been identified that share skill and language qualities that make them special for this program. The goal is to have all UANA judges certified with FINA at Pan American Games. Future certification and clinics will continue at key UANA events. Pan Am Games qualification procedures is being reviewed. Presently we have 60 athletes slated for competition in Toronto 2015 and it is on the TDC agenda to clarify the best practice for qualification. Two neutral judges will be invited to Toronto and a FINA evaluator shall be included at Pan American Games. The TDC will shortly identify an athlete representative for nomination to the committee. The TDC recognizes the need to have other events in addition to Junior events in the near future. Margo Mountjoy questioned about high diving initiative by FINA and would UANA want to be the leaders in this area? The committee will consider her request but they had not met regarding this matter.
Swimming Report  --
Pan American Games:  UANA TSC Chair Mr. Bill Hogan, discussed proposals that deal with the experience the committee had with previous Pan American Games in terms of athlete quotas. Also discussed was the UANA list of referees and starters which has been defined and it is nearly completed. This list includes some 80 officials and will be used for future UANA events and the 2015 Pan American Games.
The quota of 256 swimmers was a problem because originally there were 176 swimmers qualified over that quota.  The TSC chair proposes to raise the quota for the PAG from 256 to 300 swimmers.  And in addition to that, he requested that there be a maximum # of participants between 16 to 18 per gender, to maximum of 32-36 total participants per federation. This request was a result of discussions with USA Swimming and Swimming Canada to reduce the team size in order to provide better opportunities for smaller countries to send more athletes, as well as meet the “universality” participation for all others.  In addition, the committee chair would like to see an unlimited number of events permitted for the athletes who have met the Games qualifying standard, while still maintaining the maximum of 2 athletes per country allowed to move forward to finals.
President Coaracy asked why people were removed from the competition on the eve of Guadalajara PAG, and it was explained that it came down to the quota of 256, and that PASO ordered the Committee to reduce the list of qualifiers to meet that quota.  In order to avoid this problem we should change our method of selection.  The chair stated he would like to follow the same FINA system presently in place to invite athletes based on their times after those athletes with A qualifying times are admitted to the competition.  A provisional entry method would be adopted by invitation only, and working with UANA technical swimming committee secretary Jay Thomas, follow the same system used by FINA for the OG. This method should take care of the qualification problem for all future events.  UANA Media officer Mr. Greg Eggert clarified that useful and exact data may be available through a collaboration with USA Swimming enabling UANA to preview the athletes from each NF who would potentially be qualified and/or invited to attend the PAG in 2015. 
As for the meet format for PAG 2015, the committee recommends Semi-Finals & Finals format for 200m events and under; Heats & ‘A’ Finals (400m and up); 800m/1500m events be Time Finals with slower heats in the morning and the fastest seeded heat at night (only 2 swimmers per country can be seeded into the fastest heat at night); Relays with Preliminaries and A Finals; and that there be no stroke 50’s; no 800m Free (men); no 1500m Free (women).
Junior Swimming Championships:  A future UANA Junior Swimming Championships was discussed and Brazil offered to host the first event in January of 2014. There is a proposal to have a coach’s clinic and also an official’s clinic during the Junior Swimming Championships event.  The TSC chair recommended that the competition format mirror the format and age groupings of the FINA World Juniors.
Synchronized Swimming Report  --  UANA Chair Ms. Rose Cody detailed how our key events over the last year have been very exciting and she welcomed Ms. Ana Maria Lobo (BRA) back to the Technical Committee. In addition she wishes to soon have the athlete representative back. She read her written report which follows:  Additional information provided in a written report submitted to the UANA Executive Committee prior to the meeting.
Open Water Swimming Report  --  UANA Chair Mr. Denny Ryther detailed the present situation for Open Water Swimming.  Additional information provided in a written report submitted to the UANA Executive Committee prior to the meeting.
Water Polo Report  --  UANA Chair Mr. Roberto Cabral detailed the present situation for Water Polo.  Additional information provided in a written report submitted to the UANA Executive Committee prior to the meeting.
Masters Report  --  Masters Chair Mr. Mel Goldstein detailed the present situation for Masters.  The 2013 PAG Masters Championships will take place from June 1-13 in Sarasota, Florida. The Masters Committee nominated David Morrell as athlete representative to UANA Masters Commission. The athlete representation provides excellent input as to the running of events and their administration.  Additional information provided in a written report submitted to the UANA Executive Committee prior to the meeting.
PARTICIPATION OF AFC & USAS PRESIDENTS  --  President Coaracy was thrilled to have both Lisa Schott and Jim Wood present in our meeting and he expressed his hope that collaboration between AFC, USAS and UANA will continue during the next quadrennial. He also offered financial collaboration from CBDA for future meetings of the UANA Executive and of future UANA Conferences like the editions held in 2009 and 2010.  With the financial participation of CBDA, it was noted that future costs can be shared equally by AFC, CBDA, UANA and USAS.  The UANA President described the sponsorship proposal he had submitted to IMG. President Coaracy requested the assistance of AFC and USAS for leads or contacts that will assist UANA in securing future sponsorships.  Mr. Wood and Ms. Schott spoke and assured UANA that USAS and AFC support will continue through Toronto 2015 and he will also collaborate whenever possible in assisting UANA procurement of potential sponsors.
Program Changes for Toronto 2015:  President Coaracy hopes that we will have a solution for all future events. Hon. President Eldon explained that two letters were written to FINA President Don Julio Maglione as VP of ODEPA and to Mr. Mario Vasquez Rana as President of ODEPA. Mr. Rana approved the extra swimmers and denied a diver. He explained that we don't control the PAG championship because PASO controls and owns the Games. In order for these proposals to move forward, Mr. Michael Fennel, Chairman of the sports commission for PASO will have to be involved. He is the one with the power to effectively bring about these proposals. Ultimately ODEPA and its Sports Commission would make this decision as it relates to the proposals by the TSC. The sooner we submit any proposal for change the better chance it will have to move through the sports commission. President Coaracy will speak with FINA President Don Julio Maglione and also VP of ODEPA to formulate a better method that will never allow for this previous situation to occur again and also to assist UANA’s efforts to forward the committees suggestions and proposals
CCCAN President Mr. Errol Clarke explained the procedure by which he handled a similar situation he encountered during his work with the Veracruz Central American Games of 2014. He asked the 26 CCCAN Federations to lobby their Olympic Committees to support the proposals for change.
FINA bureau member and UANA International Relations officer Ms. Margo Mountjoy suggested to continue working with the fantastic relationships we have along with the influential positions we already have within UANA. By mobilizing our excellent political elements we may achieve a positive resolution and assist us in achieving the TSC goals as we move forward into 2015 and beyond.

Toronto 2015 & Competition Calendar Conflict with 2015 FINA World Championships --  Report was submitted by Ms. Margo Mountjoy regarding the timing conflicts that have arisen due to the conflict of dates between Toronto 2015 and the FINA World Championships in Kazan. This presents serious challenges for all aquatic disciplines that are being dealt now.  Ms. Mountjoy updated the group on the progress made during the meeting in London in February 2012 with Ian Troop (CEO Toronto 2015) and Julio Maglione and Cornel Marculescu.  The various scenarios and possible solutions were reviewed. As changing the dates of the either event is not feasible, promotion within the UANA family as encouraged in all disciplines to ensure adequate attendance in Toronto.   Ms. Mountjoy submitted the following summary:
Diving:   The competition program will be adjusted in Toronto and Kazan to allow for attendance at both events               
Swimming: The competition program will be adjusted in Toronto and Kazan to allow for attendance at both events               
Water polo: Due to the competition program, attendance at both events is not possible; appropriate development in UANA Federations is necessary to ensure enough teams attend in Toronto               
Synchro:  Due to the competition program, attendance at both events is not possible; appropriate development in UANA Federations is necessary to ensure enough teams attend in Toronto; Attendance at both events for duet  competition is feasible 
Open Water:  The competition program already allows feasibility for attendance at both events 

UANA CONSTITUTION  --  UANA Vice President Bill Shaw explained the proposed "housekeeping" changes to the UANA Constitution that he has made.  He is working with CONSANAT President Javier Lopez who will be submitting proposals for changes to Mr. Shaw at a future date. The UANA Constitution will be posted to the UANA website in the near future.
UANA Media Officer’s Report  --  UANA Media Officer Gregory Eggert, explained that our website is up and running and gave thanks for Jay Thomas and Mel Goldstein for work in the first phase of the construction.  In the second phase, each aquatic disciplines has been invited to nominate a “go to person” for their respective area of the website.  Nominations were received from:
Jay Thomas – Swimming
Heather Archer – Synchro
Felix Calderon – Diving
Jorge Delgado – Open Water
Water Polo - To be nominated at a later date.
March 2012 ACODEPA/PASO Meeting -- For the benefit of the AFC and USAS Presidents who were not present at the morning session of the meeting, Hon. Life President Mr. Eldon C. Godfrey referenced the written report and a summary of PASO / ACODEPA meetings he attended in March. UANA will continue to be invited to future assembly's but will attend without a vote. The membership of PASO comprises the NOCs of the Americas; accordingly, only NOC members are the ones who have a voice and vote at the Assembly.  PASO reported a solvent and strong financial position. The subject about PASO’s 2012 Preparation Grant was discussed. This grant was supposed to be available to al NOC’s and the question remains as to what may have happened to this grant money and if it might still be available.  ACODEPA is the Association of International Sport Governing Bodies of the Americas.  UANA is a member of ACODEPA and now, we believe, for the first time holds a position on the Board
Ratification of UANA Technical Committees Appointments:   CCCAN President Mr. Errol Clarke stated that CCCAN was abstaining from the vote to ratify the appointments to UANA Technical Committees.  Ana Maria Lobo was added to the UANA Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee and Ricardo Bunuelos was added to the UANA Technical Diving Committee.  Steve McFarland proposed to add an athlete representative to all UANA Technical Committees and that the athlete would be from the same country as the Chair of the Committee except for Masters Swimming. It was suggested that a similar procedure be in place at the UANA Congress Toronto 2015 and be following in the future.  It was proposed that the Chair and Secretaries of the UANA Technical Committees might be funded to attend future editions of CONSANAT and CCCAN Championships and Congress. This proposal will be discussed and resolved at a later date.
Ecuador  --  The situation in Ecuador was discussed. FINA appointed President Coaracy to investigate the situation regarding Ecuador’s Government and its intervention with their Olympic Committee and all their sports NGB’s, as well as their Swimming Federation. President Coaracy scheduled a trip to Ecuador with all the documents needed to work efficiently there. This problem is a political struggle between the government, the Olympic committee and Ecuador’s sports Federations.

FINA Technical Rules Changes  --  UANA International Relations Officer and FINA Bureau member Ms. Margo Mountjoy discussed how technical rules changes will happen as a result of the 2013 FINA Congress that will take place in Barcelona. She suggested for UANA to act in a more efficient manner by submitting the desired changes as a group rather than each Federation acting independently. Each Federations requests will carry a stronger message by asking for support from the 42 UANA countries.
It was recommended for all Federations to bring forth all suggestions for rules changes and/or ideas and have them submitted to Secretary / Treasurer Fernando J Canales in order for UANA to submit them to FINA by November 1 of 2012. This would not negate the right of the individual countries to submit proposals individually.  Proposed submissions from the UANA Technical Committees are due to UANA (FC) September 30, 2012.

FUTURE MEETING DATES OF UANA EXECUTIVE & TECHNICAL CHAIRS  --  Future meeting dates were suggested:  May 2013 in Fort Lauderdale in conjunction with the Induction events of the ISHOF.  May 2014 date and location is open;  May 2015 meeting of UANA Executive and Technical Delegates to be proposed in Toronto.
Respectfully submitted by UANA Secretary / Treasurer Fernando J Canales
UANA TECHNICAL COMMITTEE REPORTS  --  The following technical reports were submitted by the Chairs of the respective UANA Technical Committees following their meeting with the UANA Executive Committee on May 12, 2012 in Fort Lauderdale:
Preparations for the 2013 UANA Pan American Masters Championships in Sarasota, Florida, USA are on schedule.  A June 1, 2012 launch of the event website is planned. The website will provide information about securing a US Visa as well as entry and hotel information for Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, and Open Water. 
It has been the desire of the UANA Masters Technical Committee to also provide a UANA Pan American Masters Championships for Water Polo and Diving.  The committee through its Chairman has been working with the US Water Polo and US Diving governing bodies to work out the logistics for the inclusion of these two disciplines in our 2013 event.  As of the date of this report the proposed dates for those competitions have not been announced.
The UANA Masters Technical Committee has proposed an Athlete Representative be appointed to the UANA Masters committee.  By unanimous vote a nomination for this position has been put forth to the UANA President Coaracy Nunes Filho and to UANA Secretary/Treasurer Fernando Canales. 
Any Masters swimming federation wanting to submit a proposed rule change to FINA,Masters Rules should send the proposal to UANA Secretary Treasurer, Fernando Canales ( ) and also to FINA Bureau Member Margo Mountjoy ( ) by September 30th.  The proposed rule change will then be submitted to FINA prior to the deadline in late November.  The rationale, rather than one federation submitting a rule change, the proposed rule change will come from a unified UANA representing 40 Federations from the Americas.
Respectfully Submitted by:
                  Mel Goldstein, Chair
                  UANA Masters Committee
Report Overview:       
     UANA Technical Officials List # 2
     Debriefing of the Guadalajara 2011 Pan Am Games
     UANA Junior Swimming Championships
     2015 Pan American Games in Canada
1. UANA Technical Officials List # 2
    During the last quadrennial the committee established the first UANA Technical Officials List of Referees and Starters.  54 Referees and 27 Starters where approved on that first UANA Officials List.
    Nominations have been requested from each zone federation for the UANA Officials List #2 which will be effective from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015.
    In keeping with the deadline of May 9, 2012, we have now received the nominations from all federations with 3 Referees and 2 Starters listed from each country.
    It is from this listing of some 83 Technical Officials from the 4 UANA Zones that we select officials for senior deck assignments for the Pan American Games and other continental competitions.
2. Guadalajara 2011 PAG – Swimming
The Guadalajara Pan Am Games were a tremendous success and a very exciting competition.  For those of us there every day, the spectator stands were filled each morning and evening for swimming, and the cheering never stopped from the very first race in preliminaries to the last event of Finals.  We are most grateful and thanks go to the Mexican Swimming Federation and Organizing Committee members for a job well done. There were, however, 2 major problems in the preparations leading up to the Games:
A.  Scheduling the event to a 7-day competition:
    Initially there were discussions on the number of days for the swimming program, (an 8-day event or 7-day) as well as the scheduling the “Order of Events” each day.
    In order to accommodate potential long distance swimmers who might also be representing their countries in the Open Water event at Puerto Vallarta, the order of events was amended to move the 800/1500 freestyle pool events to the middle of the week in the swimming schedule.
    Subsequent to that the local Organizing Committee came back with a request to have the swimming program a 7-day event to accommodate Open Water swimming.  This was done.
B.  Limiting swimmer entries:
    The major problem prior to the Competition was limiting the Entries and meeting the quota of 256 swimmers allocated by ODEPA.
    Eventually the number of 256 was increased by 14 extra swimmers to bring the total to 270 entered.
Fortunately, both of these problems were resolved prior to the opening of the Games, which is a credit to the Organizing Committee in Guadalajara and the UANA Technical Swimming Committee.
3. UANA Junior Swimming Championships
It has long been identified as important for UANA to establish a Championship in the swimming discipline. The major problem presented has always been that there is already a very crowded swimming calendar.
President Coaracy Nunes Filho met with and requested the new UANA Technical Committee Chairperson to proceed to organize a UANA Junior Swimming Championship.  This was strongly supported by the Technical Committee chair Bill Hogan.
UANA TSC Proposal to the UANA Executive for Consideration:  
    We recognize that full zone participation is absolutely necessary in order for the UANA President and his Executive to seek out and secure potential sponsorship opportunities.
    The UANA Junior Swimming Championship could be held during a less busy time of the year to avoid a congested swimming events calendar (December 2012 or January 2013)
    All federations could send their National Junior teams, their regional or club Junior teams, their high level Junior all-star teams, or the like.  In this way, all 4 zones from the Americas would be represented at this first UANA Junior Swimming Championships.
    The TSC Chairperson recommends that the event could be similar to and mirror the meet format and age groupings of the FINA World Junior Championships.
    It would also be a good opportunity for the Continental Federations to share their expertise by conducting training Clinics for both Coaches and Officials prior to and in conjunction with the 1st UANA Junior Swimming Championships.
4.  Toronto 2015 PAG – UANA TSC Recommendations
These recommendations for 2015 are being proposed by the UANA TSC having in mind the best interest of the Swimmers, the inclusion of as many swimmers as possible in such a great event as the Pan American Games, and we hope at no extra cost to UANA or PASO/ODEPA.
Recommendations to the UANA Executive Committee for support and approval:
Increase the quota to 300 swimmers for PAG 2015 (from the current quota of 256.  I refer you to the UANA Congress Minutes of October 17, 2011: 
Mr. Ivar Sisniega addressed the General Assembly with these words:  “The UANA President indicated for future Games, more room needs to be created to make adjustments to the quotas.”
This quota increase has been requested before, has the support of previous UANA presidents, and each of the last 3 PAG have ended up adding on swimmers to the quota to accommodate each country’s concerns.  It makes sense, therefore, to have a quota that is both reasonable and workable, without having to make adjustments and changes for each PAG a few weeks before the Games start as in the past..
Guadalajara 2011 was 6-day event (270 swimmers – quota was 256)
Rio 2007 was a 6-day competition (285 swimmers – quota 256)
Santo Domingo 2003 was a 6-day event (261 swimmers – quota 231)
    Increasing the quota brings more opportunities to the smaller countries in UANA
    Increasing the quota brings exposure to more swimmers from each country, especially the smaller countries of the Americas.
B.  LIMIT THE TEAM SIZE (TSC Recommendation)
Presently each country can enter 52 athletes (26 males & 26 females)
TSC Proposal:  The maximum number of athletes for each country shall be 36 swimmers
 (18 males & 18 females)
Larger countries are limited to dropping just 8 males and 8 females (from 26 to 18)
This increases greatly the number of spots open to smaller countries
In 2015:
    Canada (as host) is permitted under the present rules to send a full team of 52 swimmers to the Pan Ams 2015 without all swimmers having to meet the qualifying standard.
    USA always sends a full team (44 in Guadalajara & 46 in Rio 2007)
    Brazil as Olympic host in 2016 will send a full team (38 in GDL & 42 in Rio 2007)
    Venezuela and Argentina normally send 25 & 20 swimmers respectively. 
    Mexico  sent 28 swimmers to Guadalajara.
Under the “Universality” rule, in Guadalajara there were about 20 countries that were  permitted to enter 2 swimmers without qualifying. (1 male & 1 female)

These totals account for close to 200 swimmers (based on an average of 45 swimmers each for Brazil, Canada, and the USA) plus the numbers for Venezuela, Argentina, & Mexico.  Add on some 20 “Universality” entries from a number of federations, and the total is 220 with only 36 open spaces for all other countries. (Quota = 256)
The TSC recommends that once a swimmer achieves a qualifying time into the competition, that swimmer can enter any number of events that they wish to participate in.  (But keep the present rule that only 2 swimmers per country can move on to the Semi-Finals or Finals)
    Morning Preliminary Sessions are very short (sometimes less than 1 hour which is not good for spectators or sponsors)
    Most events have only 3 heats or less (often less than 20 swimmers per event)
    Finals can become too predictable with so few swimmers in each event
    Gives much more exposure to swimmers from all countries
    Swimmers swim more events rather than just 1 event they qualified for.
    No extra cost increase to UANA or ODEPA

D.  MEET FORMAT: (TSC Recommendation)
    Semi-Finals & Finals for 200m Events and under.  (For Rio 2007, FINA recommended a “Semi-Finals & Final” format, not “A” & “B” Finals)
    Heats & ‘A’ Finals (400m and up)
     800m/1500m events Time Finals with slower heats in the morning and the fastest seeded heat at night (only 2 swimmers per country can be seeded into the fastest heat at night)
    Relays will be swum with both Preliminaries and Finals
    No stroke 50’s; no 800m Free (men); no 1500m Free (women)
    Events Order & Time Standards will be determined by the UANA TSC for PAG 2015
            The UANA TSC will establish a “Priority” system for swimmer entry into PAG 2015:

            Host Nation – set the maximum number of entries (preferably 32 athletes)

            Set the “A” Standard for athletes to achieve for entry into the Games

            Set a “B” Provisional Entry standard from which the UANA TSC will prioritize and select swimmers to bring the total number of swimmers to the quota maximum established by ODEPA

            Select “Relay Only” swimmers of 2 per nation

            Select “Universality” entries by nations who have no qualifiers (one male & 1 female)

            Rank the balance of entries according to the FINA point ranking system to meet the remaining opening spots available.
TSC Recommendation:  Establish a process to reduce the number of swimmers if the quota provided by ODEPA is exceeded.
    The Selection System should follow the system FINA used for the London Olympic Games
    ‘A’ Standard Qualifiers automatically qualify for the Pan American Games 2015
    An Invitation System for ‘B’ standard qualifiers
    Host nation swimmers and all swimmers based on “universality” are protected
    “Relay Only” swimmers are protected
    The balance to be ranked according the FINA Point score from their entry time.
    Close entries a minimum of 90 days before the beginning of the swimming competition (May 2015)
     This allows time to provide each federation with the final approval of each entry
                  Respectfully Submitted by: 
                Bill Hogan - Chair
                  UANA Technical Swimming Committee
UANA TECHNICAL SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING COMMITTEE  --  First I welcome back to Ana Maria Lobo on behalf of the whole committee. She is replacing the appointee from Bolivia who resigned.  We are looking forward to working together for the 4 years ahead of all of us.
Puerto Rico presented their bid for the 2013 UANA Championships.  TSSC Members all will be receiving a copy of our bidding process as we wait for confirmation from the Executive so we can start planning with enough time.
The Executive approved Athletes Representative for all the Committees; they put a clause, the representatives have to be from the same country as the Chair of each committee.  Not an easy job for the chairs.
The Executive were as worried as we are not having any response from the 2012 Cali Organizing Committee.  Fernando Canales will be in communication with them by telephone and mail giving them until May 22 to answer and sending the summons for the competition (2012 UANA Pan Am Synchronized Swimming Championships).
A new template will be done for bidding process and also for the contracts.
The new web page is already available.  Chairs had to name a person from their committee to be the liaison with the web master - I have named Heather Archer as our liaison.  Any content from our
committee for posting is to go through Heather.
At a meeting with Canada and the USA we discussed presenting UANA proposals to the FINA rules.  The deadline for proposals is Nov. 26th but we should have any proposals ready by September to present as the UANA family.  As I am very busy with meets in El Salvador, Aruba and then Masters in Riccione I have designated Heather (as our secretary) to be in charge on this task with Barbara's assistance.  Synchro Canada has offered access to their teleconference conference line.   Bryan will be helping us as our liaison a great deal. We must keep him in the loop for all our correspondence.
We have to check the swimming schedules to avoid conflict between meets.
The proposal  for the Coaches school was very well accepted by the Executive.  Brian will be the person to give follow up with the executive. 
UANA Executive Meeting Report from Rose Cody, Chairperson, UANA TSSC, ( )
UANA TECHNICAL DIVING COMMITTEE REPORT  --  Five Federations have been contacted as priority for Coaches Development programs:  Chile ,Ecuador, Columbia, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Columbia is the only Federation to date that has not confirmed an interest in a Coaches Development clinic. Ten high performance coach instructors have been identified and will be contacted for teaching this program
    A four year competition schedule will be developed for the UANA website
    Judges in UANA to have the opportunity to attend FINA Certification Courses. In 2012 Mexico and USA have hosted a course. It is anticipated that CAN will host a course in 2013 at Canada Cup. USA to host at the 2012 Junior Pan Am Event. PUR to host a course in 2014 at their Grand Prix event.
    The Pan American Games Qualification criteria will be reviewed. All judges from the Americas will be FINA certified. Two judges will be FINA neutral judges. One FINA TDC member will be invited in the capacity as the neutral observer/evaluator.
    An athlete representative will be identified from CAN to join the technical diving committee.
    A Senior Pan American event has been identified as a new initiative and the Swimming Federation of CHI has shown interest in hosting this event in 2014.
    The next Junior Pan American event will be held in USA September of 2013, city to be confirmed. The first formal meeting of the TDC will be held. Group D rules for this competition need to be clarified prior to this event.
    The TDC will meet informally at the occasion of the XXX Olympiad Games London 2012. Only two members will not be in attendance.
Submitted by:
Steve McFarland    Executive Liaison        Kathy Seaman        Chairman TDC
The TWPC Chairman, Executive Liaisons and Members are encouraged to review the current FINA technical rules and regulations in order to recommend changes in water polo rules.
Any Federation wanting to submit a proposed Water Polo Rules  rule change to FINA,  should send the proposal to UANA Secretary Treasurer, Fernando Canales by September 30th.  The proposed rule change will then be submitted to FINA prior to the deadline in late November.  The reason for this procedures is, instead one federation submitting a rule change, this change will come from a unified by UANA form, representing 40 Federations from the Americas. This would not deny the right of the individual countries to submit proposals individually.
The Dr. Margo Mountjoy reinforced the idea during a meeting they have many opportunities for the UANA Technical Committee to show leadership beyond the Americas.
It was also decided in the meeting that the TWPC Chairman would choose an athlete from his country to form a UANA committee of athletes.
I suggested in the meeting that in the minor competitions like Pan American Juniors and World Qualify, the TWPC could indicate a member to work alongside with the Organizing Committee in the duty to cooperate in the events.
Scheduled UANA TWPC Events:
XVII UANA Pan Am Junior Men's Water Polo (19U) Championship, Montreal, Canada, Aug 8-19
XVII UANA Pan Am Junior Men’s Water Polo (19U) Championship, Montreal, Canada, Aug 8-19
The Summons have been sent to all the Federations to confirm the Entries.
Respectfully Submitted by Roberto Cabral, TWPC Chair (
UANA OPEN WATER TECHNICAL SWIMMING COMMITTEE REPORT  --   An Open Water Coaches Video will be posted on the UANA website by the end of summer.  The video will deal with Open Water drills.  The video will be in English with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.  
The UANA Executive Committee voted to add an athlete to each of the technical committees.  The athlete will be from the same federation as the chair of the committee.  I have referred the request to the athletes committee of USA Swimming and should have a name soon.
The UANA Executive Committee is looking at contracts for events.  The contracts will be standardized for all disciplines.  
FUTURE EVENTS:  May 14-19, 2013  UANA Junior and Senior Open Water Swimming Championships, Isla Margarita, Venezuela.
May/June 2014 UANA Junior Senior Open Water Swimming Championships, Cayman Islands. This is tentative while the Cayman looks at the contract and comes up with a suitable date.  The event was assigned to the Cayman Islands by CCCAN.
Submitted by Denny Ryther, UANA TOWSC Chair, ( )
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