Swimming Saves Lives - A Huge Success!

Feedback from the adults who participated in the Swimming Saves Lives has been overwhelmingly positive!  Participants were effusive in their gratitude to have such a complete instructional format.  Elements that set the WCM Swimming Saves Lives program apart from other programs included: the ideal balance of classroom and on-deck instruction; quality time spent in the water with one-to-one instructor-learner assistance;  use of key swimming gear; and videotape feedback.  WCM encourages SSL participants to continue swimming with WCM on Thursday nights (7PM workout) through the month of September.   (Cost is WCM workout fee ($6) paid at the door.)

The pilot program limited to 15 students, invited non-swimmers in the community to come to Heather Farm Clarke Pool free of charge for 4 hours of instruction over a 3 day period.   Walnut Creek Masters members participated in a train-the-trainer session to become in-water instructors for the 3 day course.  Critical elements of teaching and demonstrating swimming fundamentals were the creative genius of none other than WCM Head Coach, Kerry O’Brien.   Everything came together with the careful planning and management of Dave Skvarna and Leslie Mladinich.  The City of Walnut Creek is credited for use of the pool and classroom and promoting Swimming Saves Lives in the NutShell publication.   WCM also credits United States Masters Swimming for the support and channel by which to “give back to the community”.

The brainchild of USMS, the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation was created to facilitate and promote programs encouraging adult swimming.   You can find out more about this program and donate at this website.  http://www.usms.org/giving/ .   Considering the success of the WCM Swimming Saves Lives, it is our hope and expectation to continue with Swimming Saves Lives in the future.