General Membership Meeting Information

General Membership Meeting Information 

Introduction to Team (by President – Erik Keilholtz

*info in “Club Organization” handout *

  • All parents, board members and coaches present were introduced
  • New VJO President – Dwight Everett was introduced
  • Motion made by Pam Henderson to cast a favorable ballot for unopposed candidates, seconded by Jean Augst. Motion carried, therefore:
  • New VJO Vice-President/President Elect is Jeffrey Dover
  • New VJO Treasurer is Dora Tang
  • Still looking for a new team Secretary? Any Volunteers? The Secretary is on the executive committee, duties including attending board meetings which take place the 2nd Wednesday of the month and taking meeting notes. They are the official record of VJO board decisions.
  • Competitive Swimming - what is it, what does it consist of (attached "Competition" hand out was covered)



What to Expect (by Head Coach - Jennifer Thiem)
*info in “Team Communication” handout *

  • Communication
    • How is the team communication going? Is everyone getting informed? Is everyone receiving team emails
    • Covered the 7 forms of communication VJO uses (covered on communication hand out)
  • What to expect from coaches, parents and swimmers?
    • Swimmers are to be supervised by parents or coaches (during practice times).
    • Swimmers are not allowed to be outside pool deck area at any time without parent or coach supervision.
  • Other Parental Roles
    • Board Positions
    • Many meet positions at home
    • Timing at away meets
    • Other events require parental help and involvement.


Need for New Officials (by Officials Chair- Alan Augst)

  • Our team is in need of new officials (volunteer positions at meets)
    • Anyone can become an official
    • Great way to get to know competitive swimming, rules and what your child is doing
    • Many perks for officials.... parking, food, shirts, get to watch meet
  • Officials Clinic will be held in next couple of months for those that would like to learn more about officiating


Treasurer Report (by Treasurer - Melanie Keilholtz)

  • Team Financial Situation
    • Swim-a-thon recap
      • raised $12,000 (better than last year, but we needed $25,000 to not need to raise dues)
    • Need to raise dues
      • Jan 1st 2013 - Some aspect of dues will be raised (groups dues, 2nd/3rd child price, annual membership?)
      • New fee structure has not been decided yet, new treasurer Dora Tang and board will set this with feedback from team.
    • BreakOut Swim Clinic with Olympians Dana Vollmer and Josh Davis
      • Currently have 76 swimmers signed up. Need 10 more swimmers for the event to break even. Can have up to 100 swimmers. Do not need to be on VJO team to participate.

Swim Meet Information  (by Head Coach Jennifer Thiem)
*info in “Team Communication” handout *

  • Went over 2012 VJO Fall Schedule (doc attached)
  • Team Effort Meets
    • All VJO swimmers are expected to attend Championship Meets (Such as Zone 3 Champs on October 19-21)
  • DQ’s at Swim Meets (Disqualifications) –
    • Nothing to get upset about, it’s a learning experience. Coach will explain what DQ was for and how to work on it
    • Better to learn skills correctly now than later when at high level meets
    • DQ’s help reinforce what coaches are teaching in practice
  • Beginner Swimmers –
    • Please tell your coach if your swimmer is new to swim meets
    • Coaches like to pair beginner swimmers up with advanced swimmers to help them out at meets
      • Helps them to feel more comfortable
    • Coaches and Board Members are happy to answer any question new swimmers or parents may have about swim meets

Team Apparel (by Head Coach –Jennifer Thiem)

  • Team Suit Fitting Day –
    • Nor Cal Swim Shop at practice -Next Tuesday Sept 18thfrom 3:30-7:30pm
    • Team Suits, Warm-ups, Bags and any other team equipment you may need will be available.
      • 4 team suit options available
      • 2 team bag options available
      • Team warm-up – lower price this year
  • Order forms available in next couple days