PVAC 2012 Swimsuit & Parka Order Form

Finally...the PVAC 2012 Swimsuit & Parka Order Form is done.  It's located under the Documents tab.  Please

check the swimsuit & parka sizing charts (also on the Documents tab).  Your team suit should be snug but not

tight (do not plan on "growing into these").  IF you are planning on purchasing a team parka - we suggest that

you purchase with a "plan" to wear them for  2 to 3 years.  For example:  I purchased my son's size "L" when he

was 12 and he wore it until he was 15 (and now I wear it). 

ORDERS are due October 15th - payment must be included in order for us to proceed with your order.  Please make

checks payable to:  PVAC.