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September Wrap Up


Greetings Aquacowboy Families.  This is the first Monthly Update of the year.  In the past we’ve done weekly updates, but this year we are planning on doing monthly updates which will include attendance records and test set results, as well as highlights from the groups, upcoming events and important news. 


We hope you enjoy these updates and we hope they help you and your swimmer track their progress over the season.  We realize many of the swimmers on our team are engaged in multiple activities, which will affect their attendance.  When we post attendance, we do so for your awareness as well as our own, and so we can make realistic goals based on the amount of time and energy spent on swimming.  Please do not feel discouraged if the attendance is low or the score on a test set is low in comparison to others.  Everyone progresses at their own rate. 


We hope this information will encourage improvement.  If your child only made one rep. on the test set this month, hopefully she will make three next month.  If your child made all of the reps of a set, hopefully he will do it at a faster rate, or with less effort next month. 


When we made the test set standards, the goal was for the whole group to be able to pass them by the END of the season.  If you have already passed, that’s great!  You have gotten your HOT WHEELS RACING CAR because you are a RACER in your group.  If you have not yet passed, stay encouraged, there is a race car for each swimmer on our team, waiting for the day when you pass the test. 


Here is a quote for this month: 


“Develop the habit of attending to your errors right away.  Don’t wince, don’t close your eyes; look straight at them and see what really happened, and ask yourself what you can do next to improve.  Take mistakes seriously, but not personally.”

-Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent


Here are some upcoming events: 


AIA (Hayward) CBA+ meet:  This coming weekend, Oct. 6-7.  We will have 40+ swimmers at this meet and we are looking forward to a great weekend with lots of best times, great turns with dolphin kicks, and gut zone finishes.  Remember we expect you at the meet and ready to get in by 7:30 am.  Know your meet warm up, talk to your coaches before and after every event.  Go LAC! 


Marin Pirates Senior Meet:  This coming weekend Oct. 6-7.  We will have about 20 swimmers at this meet and are looking forward to a great start to our competitive season.  We are looking forward to using our dolphin kicks and racing tough.  Be sure to check in with your coach before and after every race.  Go LAC! 


Peer Coaching:  10-10:30 Saturday October 13th.  Sign up on the swim office door if you would like your child to have a free lesson from an LAC Senior Swimmer.  All ages Senior and below are welcome.  We will be going through drills for each stroke and swimmers will be grouped by age.  First come first serve. 


Team Clnic:  3:45-5:00 Friday October 26st.  This will be another team wide clinic where we will divide the team into 4 groups and go through freestyle and backstroke drills.  All LAC swimmers welcome.  There WILL be regular practice afterward for those swimmers whose groups swim past 5:00


No SCCA, YES ORINDA:  Because the SCCA meet filled before entries were open for our team, we are going to the Orinda CBA+ meet on the same weekend, October 20-21st.  Please enter ASAP as this meet will close soon. 



Here are highlights from the groups Coach Kevin works with: 


Pre-Comp and Novice I


We have had a great first month of the season, and improvements are being seen among all swimmers.  Our focus has been learning the basics of competitive swimming, and as a coach, I have been greatly encourage to see the determination that all of the swimmers, some as young as 4 years old, Tyler, are bringing to practice.  Mia’s attendance has been fantastic, and her positive attitude is helping her become a stronger swimmer. Madison & Ellie also bring their big smiles to practice and have both been making significant strides forward in all 4 strokes.


Test Set: The test set for each group is very challenging and helps us gauge were each swimmer is.  It is designed to give each swimmer a big goal to strive for.  We are currently building the foundation that each swimmer needs to one day successfully complete their test set.  That being said, we did have one swimmer from the Rec program, Courtney, who was able to pass the Novice I test set, because of the strong foundation she built through swimming with the Fireballs (LVTC’s summer league swim program).  Congratulations Courtney, and congratulations to all of the swimmers who gave their all during the test set.  You each gave a great effort and did awesome!


Junior II


This past month of training with the Junior IIs has been absolutely amazing and has shown me how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to coach this group.  The Junior II swimmers are all extremely competitive and bring their desire to be first to every practice.  Our focus has been on developing the essentials needed to be elite swimmers.  Stroke length, kicking, and turns and push-offs are an integral part of this process, and the Junior IIs have been working hard on mastering these aspects of swimming.  I have particularly enjoyed watching Franco, Jacqueline, and Araceli battle it out to be the best kicker in the group.  Also, Nick has done a great job overcoming a broken wrist and is swimming great, and Julia and Emily have both been great listeners and their stroke technique in all 4 strokes are looking great.


Attendance: Attendance is a huge part of being a successful swimmer.  The more practices a swimmer makes will directly correlate to their success in meets and in getting best times.  I began taking attendance in the middle of the month and since that time Paige andJulia have been the only two swimmers to make every practice.  Great job Paige and Julia!  As a team, we would like to see 100% attendance from all swimmers, and beginning next month, I will be posting everyone’s attendance.


Test Set: The Junior IIs had a great time with the test set, and each swimmer gave an amazing effort for the test.  The test set is very challenging, but I am very pleased to announce that every single swimmer who attempted the test set successfully completed the kicking portion.  Awesome job Junior IIs!  The swimming portion of the test set is even more challenging, and while we had a few swimmers make every send-off for both the IM and freestyle portion, we did not have any swimmer complete it to the LAC standard.  Every Junior II swimmer is required to execute legal turns at every wall and to take 3 underwater dolphin kicks and 2 strokes off of each wall (where appropriate) before taking a breath, and we look forward to the day that this becomes second nature to every swimmer on LAC.


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with:


Novice 2- What a great first month of the season! This group is building on the basics of swimming. It’s fun to watch athletes learn how many laps are in a 100, what the order of an IM is, how to read the clock, and how to do all the turns.  Sophia has been a great leader in this group, disciplined in ready position and turns.  Menal has really improved her dive and and breastroke.  Our Fall Rec swimmers have done great, Ashley has been working on her flip turn, Isaac his straight arms in fly, and Reza has improved her dolphin kick.  I encourage all athletes in Novice 1 to participate in meets, if you have any questions about meets, events, or signing up please ask.

Attendance for Novice 1:

Sophia 88%

Menal 47%

Jack 58%

Hannah 33%

Test Set for Novice 1:

12x40 @ 1:10 - Kick

Sophia 12/12                  Jack 12/12                  Rivers 12/12

Keerit 8/12                  Reza 4/12                  Isaac 4/12


12x40 @ 1:10 - Free swim

Sophia 12/12                  Jack 12/12                  Rivers 12/12

Keerit 12/12                  Reza 12/12                  Isaac 12/12


12x40 @ 1:10 - IM swim

Rivers 1/12                  Keerit 1/12                  Ashley 1/12                  Menal 1/12



Pre-Seniors -Welcome back swimmers! I’m very excited to see the potential in this group.  As a younger group, I see the a lot of our teams future kickers, racers, and leaders! Lets stay focused and work toward our big goals in this group.  We will be working towards qualifying as many swimmers as possible for the Winter 14 & Under Junior Olympics (Nov 28-Dec 2).  There are only 3 meets to get qualifying times, so please make sure you attend those meets and swim the maximum events. It’s great to see new athletes stepping up as leaders of the group like: Megan W., Gabe, Nicolette, Tori, Collin, and Caroline.

Attendance for Pre-Seniors:

Gabe 89%                  AnneMarie 56%                  Amanda 61%

Tori 100%                  Paige 83%                           Chris 94%

Nicolette 83%                  Adrien 39%                           Olivier 39%

Hunter 89%                  Caroline 94%                           Sofia 100%

Megan 83%                  Collin 83%                           Ben 44%

Zander 72%                  Matthew 28%                           Katie 83%

Dante 100%


Test Set for Pre-Seniors:

Though several swimmers might be capable of completing the test set, we are setting high standards on LAC.


8x100 @ 2:00 - Flutter Kick with board - NO strokes - GREAT JOB GUYS!

Megan         8/8                  Sofia 8/8                  Chris 8/8                  Collin 8/8

Nicolette 8/8                  Dante8/8                  Katie 8/8                  AnneMarie 8/8

Hunter         8/8                  Gabe 8/8                  Paige 8/8                  Tori 8/8

Zander         8/8                  Amanda 8/8                  Caroline 8/8


12x100 @ 1:20 - Free swim  - MUST do 4 dolphin kicks + 2 strokes no breath

Megan 0/12                  Sofia 1/12                  Chris 0/12                  Collin 0/12

Nicolette 0/12                  Dante 0/12                  Katie 0/12                  AnneMarie 0/12

Hunter         0/12                  Gabe 1/12                  Paige 1/12                  Tori 1/12

Zander         0/12                  Amanda 0/12                 

Caroline 1/12 but made 9 on interval but no dolphin kicks


12x100 @1:40 - IM swim - Fly, back, free MUST do 4 dolphin kicks + free 2 strokes no breath

Nicolette 12/12 - ALL correctly! Great job!

Megan 5/12 but made ALL intervals!                  Sofia 4/12 but made ALL intervals!                  Dante 8/12                  Katie 3/12                           AnneMarie 7/12 but made ALL intervals!

Hunter         3/12                  Gabe 3/12 but made ALL intervals!

Paige 8/12 but made ALL intervals!                           Tori 4/12 but made ALL intervals!

Zander         3/12                  Caroline 11/12 breathed on 1st stroke of free on #12!


Here are some highlights from the group Coach Leslie works with: 


Varsity Group: Welcome to a new season of LAC and to the new Varsity group. It is so exciting for me to be coaching this wonderful group of swimmers. I was happy to see so many returning swimmers that I had the privilege of coaching last year in the pre- senior and junior groups. Welcome to our new swimmers Emily, Kaitlyn,Skylar,Emma,Kyle, Lucas and Ali. You are all a great addition to the group


Because of the diversity of talent in our group, we will be starting our test sets in the month of October. Tests sets will help each swimmer track their progression and improvement. We will be doing 100 freestyle sets, kicking sets and I.M. Sets. Its been exciting to hear the goals and plans of each swimmer for the season.


With swim meets quickly approaching, I look forward to our groups participation in these meets and continued dedication to evening practices. Remember, we can only improve by attending practice and being leaders in the pool, not followers.


Coach Leslie


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Alex works with: 


Junior 1 Group: 


We’ve had a great start to our season in the Junior 1 group with swimmers doing an awesome job of pushing off in ready position and doing three dolphin kicks in a tight streamline off every wall.  In the Junior Group this month, swimmers with over 80% attendance included-  Jessica Akins, Faith Carroll, Minh-Nha Kawamura, Katie Ottman, Meadow Walton, Kylie Peters, Sarah Bass, Annelyse Combitsis, and Danny Geissbuhler.  Great job kids!  Consistent attendance will pay off with some big progress this season. 


I was thrilled with our first test set results.  I didn’t expect anyone in our group to ace the test this early in the season but the Junior 1 group had four swimmers make all intervals and all swims.  Here are the results:                         


4x100 flutter kick @ 2:30    6x100 fr @ 2:00  4x100 IM @ 2:15


Kylie P.          4/4                 6/6                    4/4

Wilson S.       4/4                 1/6                    1/4

Jack D.          4/4                 0/6                    0/4

Ryan G.         1/4                 0/6                    0/4

Elianna E.      0/4                 0/6                    0/4

Danny G.       4/4                 0/6                    1/4

Annelyse C.   4/4                 6/6                    4/4

Melinda D.     4/4                 6/6                         4/4

Mia R.            1/4                 1/4                    0/4

Faith C.          2/4                 0/6                    0/4

Katie O.          4/4                 2/6                    0/4

Jessica A.      4/4                  3/6                   1/4

Sarah B.        4/4                  2/6                    1/4

Minh-Nha K.  4/4                  6/6                    4/4

Maggie R.      2/4                  0/6                    1/4 


If you made the whole set this time, you got your Speed Racer Hot Wheels Car.  If you didn’t make it yet, don’t worry, your goal is to make more of each for next month.  By the end of the year, you will have progress a great deal.  If you look at who made the whole set this month, all four girls swam in the Junior 1 group last year, so they are seasoned veterans.  Next year it will be a breeze for you! 


Senior Group: 


We’ve had a great month of training.  We are using training partners this month and awarding points based on attendance, performance on test sets, helping at team clinics and going to special events such as the Del Valle Open Water swim.  It is an exciting group this year with some swimmers who will make their mark in the East Bay, California, and the Nation.  In December we will be bringing about ten kids to Federal Way Washington to compete in the Husky Invitational.  We will take two swimmers, Nina and Trent to Tennessee for U.S. Junior Nationals.  We will also have six of the swimmers from our group compete at 14&un Junior Olympics in Morgan Hill where they are looking to make finals and score weill in the relays.  Here is the attendance for the month: 


Alex W. 85%

Trent T. 69%

Nina H.  92%

Haley H. 92%

Katie K. 96%

Shelby S. 81%

Shebly D. 100%    

Shahini A. 100%

Jenna C. 82%

Sarah S. 76%

Celine N. 91%

Megan F. 73%

Alex G. 98%

Jared B. 82%

Bryce M. 78%

Stephen M. 94%

Josh L. 81%

Nathan B. 78%

Brandon S. 77%

Sean C.   82%

Manon 84%  


Test Set Results: 


10x100 fl k @ 1:45       15x100 fr sw @ 1:15 with 4 dol. k  10x100 IM @ 1:30 4 dolphins fl/bk/fr


Sean C.             0                                             0                                    1

Alex G.          10                                             2                                    10

Celine N.          1                                             2                                    3

Megan F.         1                                             1                                    1

Katie K.          10                                             15                                    10

Shahini A.         10                                             3                                    10

Manon          10                                             3                                    10

Alex W.          10                                             15                                    n/s

Trent T.         10                                             15                                    10

Bryce M.          10                                             5                                    5

Stephen M.         10                                             3/ns                                    n/s

Josh L.          4                                             1                                    2

Jared B.         10                                             1                                    2

Sarah S.         1                                             n/s                                    n/s

Shelby D.         10                                             1                                    1

Shelby S.          10                                             3                                    10

Nina H.             1                                             15                                    10

Nathan B.          10                                             15                                    10

Brandon S. 4                                             1                                    n/s

Jenna C.         2                                             8                                    10

Haley H.           n/s                                             n/s                                    n/s


It will be exciting to see the progress of our team over the next few months as we get better and better at these sets.  We are looking forward to seeing how the improvements in kicking, underwater kicking, aerobic free and aerobic IM swimming will carry over into our meets. 


Remember this weekend we have our first performances of the year.  Make sure to plan ahead, pack lots of towels and snacks and be ready to cheer each other on. 


Thanks LAC B.O.D.for a great start to the season and an awesome swim-a-thon/banquet.  We are looking forward to some fun events this year!  Thanks LVTC for your support of our swim team!  Have a great week


LAC Coaching Staff