Clippers Coach Recognized at National Age Group Summit


Chad Rehkamp has once again been selected for the National Age Group Summit at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs! Only 40 age group (9-14 year olds) coaches from around the country are selected to attend this prestigious conference. The selection process is based on the Virtual Club Championship ranking system by USA Swimming in which they select the 12 highest ranked teams with 300+ athletes, 12 highest ranked teams with 200-300 athletes, 12 highest ranked teams with 100-200 athletes, 4 highest ranked teams with fewer than 100 athletes. The Northern Kentucky Clippers are ranked 3rd in their respective group in the 200-300 athlete range with only 220 swimmers. The Clippers and our friends up north, the Dayton Raiders, are the only two teams to earn this honor out of the entire Ohio LSC. The objective of the conference is for the elite teams from around the country to gather and further their education on the sport of swimming. A big congratulations to Chad and all the age groupers apart of this great achievement!