At our first Team Practice of the season on Friday, September 28th, coaches acknowledged the hard work and accomplishments of many of our swimmers during the first few weeks in the pool! 

Swim Academy - Reilly Rowland

Reilly receives the first SOM award of the season for her perfect attendance and enthusiasm for swimming.  Reilly’s goals for the season are to make the Westerns time standard in the 400 IM and distance free events.  She is also very close in the 200 Back.  Her training ethic in the first few weeks says that she is on her way to a successful season.  Great Job Reilly.

Age Group – James Naude

A BIG congrats and extended welcome go out to James Naude who has earned the Age Group Swimmer of the Month award for September! James joined KISU for the first time this season after swimming summer club with Pikes. What he has shown already is a mature young man who swims with enthusiasm and great effort. James is the type of swimmer who leads by example rather than by talk, as he goes about his swim sets in workman-like manner. His efforts have been quickly noticed by those in the group, who try to keep on his feet in his lane! We are certainly glad to have James with us this season, and look forward to more wonderful efforts from him.

Super Junior and Intermediate – Emily Caruso and Chelsea Keeler

Emily Caruso has already set a tone for her training this season.  Her fitness is evident in her timed 1000m and her work ethic. Emily is also helping out with the YES group and it has been so fun watching her motivate other swimmers great job Emily!!

Chelsea Keeler is a new swimmer to Coach Jane’s group.  Coach Jane is very impressed with how easily she has made the adjustment. She keeps checking in on Chelsea to see how she is doing and she has made the transition look easy. Great swimming Chelsea !!

 Juniors – William Teichroeb

Congratulations to William Teichroeb for winning swimmer of the month for the Junior Group. This is William’s introduction to competitive swimming and he has proven that he is a quick learner mastering the breaststroke kick and flip turn in just 3 short weeks. William has also been a tremendous help and a leader to the younger swimmers and will be moving up the ranks to Super Juniors where her will increase his skill and fitness levels. I am really looking forward to see William’s progress by the end of the season. Well Done William!

Fitness/Winter Maintenance – Ashley McMillan

We would also like to congratulate Ashley McMillian for her efforts in the Fitness/Winter Maintenance Group. Ashley has joined us to keep up her swimming over the winter months while she competes in other sports like hockey for the winter. She won the Swimmer of the Month in September for her positive attitude and coachability. She is determined to perfect her technique and to improve her fitness so she will be ready to shoot for the podium at Provincials for her summer team. Great work Ashley!

Mini Squad - Caitlyn Michael, Griffen Semple-Glasser, Sophia Manuel, Miles Kincade, Jessie Olstad

Caitlyn receives the SOM award for her group because she is a hard worker and has a great attitude!

Griffen has worked very hard, listens very well and continues to improve every day as he seems to work harder than the day before! Good work Griffen keep it up!!

Sophia went to a Saturday morning Junior swim practice and worked very hard! It was great seeing her with other kids and being almost being the leader of the lane! I was very proud of how hard she worked!! Tuesday we did races and she raced me (Coach), she won the majority of them! She continues to improve and work hard everyday. Sophia is a blast to have in class! And she's a big help when I ask her! Keep up the good hard work Sophia I'm happy to see you improve!

Miles Kincade earns Swimmer of the Month because every time he is told what he needs to work on he will correct it right away and goes full out every practice.    

Jesse Olstad is Swimmer of the Month this month because she has an amazing positive attitude and  always tries her hardest in every way.

Congratulations to all of September’s Swimmers of the Month – what a great start to our season!


. . . And in case you are wondering what has been happening in the water this past month for not only our Swimmers of the Month, but for the rest of the KISU athletes, here are the Group Reports from the Coaches.

Intermediate and Super Juniors Group Reports – Coach Jane

These groups hit the water 2 weeks ago in style. It was wonderful to see everyone again and the enthusiasm for swimming is contagious. These 2 groups have been putting in lots of meters! Practices have ranged between 1600m to 2000m with that said this should remind you to pack a water bottle and come prepared with good nutrition in your body.  We have done some goal setting around trying to achieve an A time at our swim meet and each swimmer has selected an event  that they feel positive about.

Our first timed 1000 is under our belt and the results are listed below:

Andrew 26:00, Avery N 20:05, Hannah 23:29, Evan 23:45, Mckenna 21:33, Brynn 21:07,Morgan 23:18, MacKenzie 26:00, Matthew 19:49, Marlee 21:25,Travis 20:10, Carsen 32 lengths, Sam D  22:21,Connor 24:35, Kjira 24:03, Sam O 24:05, Grace 25:22, Tess 25:31, Jack  26:00 Kaelan 25:00, Autumn 26:30, Faolan 26:30, Chelsea 26:30, Tyler 18:14, Elijah 17:40, Emily 19:47, Avery B 20:34, Sarah 20:20, Mini 20:55, Riley 21:53, Lucas 22:15, Parker 24:12 … great swimming everyone!

Age Group Group Report – Coach Paul

I'm sure like everyone is thinking, it is hard to believe October is already here and we've been swimming for almost a month. The extra swim time in September will undoubtably help our swimmers at our home meet and beyond, as they look very strong already. I must admit my excitement in having virtually the same group of swimmers as last year, as they made great strides in stroke improvement and racing ability. We will still of course continue on stroke work this season by fine-tuning each of the four strokes. Last week swimmers were given a snorkel for purchase ($16.50), as they greatly enhance not only freestyle strokes, but the others as well. The athletes are getting used to breathing and doing flip turns with them, and have made big improvements already in their comfort with the snorkels. Swimmers also took part in the athletic field testing in the gymnasium two weeks ago. The testing will be done again mid and late season to see what improvements have been made. There are some obvious strong areas, and skills to work on. Doing activations before swimming will be one way to strenghten the swimmers, which is why they are asked to be on deck 15 minutes before the start of practice. We have also begun stretching after practice, which takes an additional 10 minutes. Swimmers are also encouraged to stretch on their own at home to work on flexibility.

So far I have been very pleased with the group's energy and effort in the pool. I look forward to a fun year with everyone marked by individual improvement and racing success.

Swim Academy Group Report – Coach Tina

For the first few weeks of training we have been balancing a review of swimming basics/drills and increasing levels of fitness.  Last week, we ran through a series of test sets that we will review at the end of this training cycle in December. 

I think the swimmers would agree that the Academy time table is working out very well.  The earlier practice times with more lane space and focused conditions are great for quality training.  The earlier finish time allows for athletes to participate in a school sport, music, other interests or get their homework done before dinner.  It is a great way to balance school, sport and life.

Keep an eye on KISU News for updates about swimmers and their successes!