Background Checks for non atheletes


TO: LSC Registrars


It’s happened already! A brand new coach initiated a renewal BGC instead of the initial Level II BGC. He paid $19 for the renewal and will now have to pay another $39 for the initial Level II. The renewal BGC is not the same as a Level I BGC. So if a non-athlete in your LSC makes the same mistake, s/he will have to pay the full amount to get the initial Level I or Level II BGC. The upgrade option doesn’t exist in this situation.


So technically there are now three difference BGCs:

Level IA – the renewal BGC (for anyone who hasALREADY passed a Level I or II BGC)

Level I – the initial BGC for non-athletes

Level II – the initial BGC for officials and coaches


An official/coach who passes Level I in error and needs to upgrade to Level II can contact Cindy Hayes at[email protected] to get the special link for the upgrade and only have to pay the difference.


A new non-athlete who passes Level IA in error and has never passed Level I or II will have to start over and pay the full amount for the correct Level I or II. I think that it’s pretty clearly stated on our website. Here’s what that looks like: