Brazil's Ana Marcela Cunha is top female finisher in Shantou, China 10K
Brazil's Ana Marcela Cunha is top female finisher in Shantou, China 10K
SHANTOU, CHINA--Spyridon Gianniotis, Greece, and Ana Marcela Cunha, Brazil, were the top male and female finishers at Saturday's last race of the 2012 FINA 10K series: the Shantou 10K. Gianniotis finished in 1:50:41.70 ahead of Li Jun Zu, China (1:50:45.22); while Cunha finished in 1:58:12.90 ahead of Angela Maurer, Germany (1:58:14.23). It was the second race in a row for Cunha and Maurer to finish 1-2 on the female side, follow last weekend's Hong Kong 10K. Results from the 2012 Shantou
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With the wins, Gianniotis and Cunha both most likely captured the overall titles for the series. Going into the weekend, Gianniotis (94 points) held a 14-point lead, ahead of Christian Reichert, Germany (80
points); Christian finished 7th in Shantou. On the women's side, Cunha (120 points) held a 46-point lead over Nadine Reichert, Germany (74 points); Nadine finished 3rd in Shantou.

Cunha appears to have finished in the top-3 of each race of the 2012 10K. On the men's side, Christian appears to have been the only male to swim all the races this year. Overall point standings for the 2012 10K
series can be found online here: