Santa Barbara - October Meet Results

Hello Buena Families,

In an effort to acknowledge our swimmers and give credit where credit is due, it is easy to make a mistake because we have many swimmers, but also because there is no official posting of the "High Point" award winners. To further clarify and acknowledge our athletes, I must also congratulate those who completed the IMX Challenge Track as they were left off my original email. (Those results were not supplied to me by the meet admin).

From memory, I think a big shout out goes to Caitlin Espitia, she not only participated in the Sprint Pentathlon, but also finished the IMX Challenge. What a trooper as she had to race in events with a very quick turn around and not much rest. Also finishing the endurance track of events was:

Jason Talmage - 1st place 11 yr old boys

Spencer Allen - 1st place 12 yr old boys

Joshua Monroe - 1st place 13 yr old boys

Jacob Sponseller - Top 5 Finisher 14 yr old boys

Ethan Bates - Top 5 Finisher 14 yr old boys

Maisy Millage - Top 5 Finisher 12 yr old firls

Jayna Sponseller - Top 5 Finisher 13 yr old girls

Samantha Wright - Top 5 Finisher 14 yr old girls

  • Santa Barbara Swim Club – Sprint Pentathlon/IMX Challenge. Thanks to all the members who attended the swim meet last weekend at the Carpenteria Community Pool. It was a beautiful weekend, and the kids had fun at their first meet of the new season! According to my“unofficial” results, congratulations are in order for the following swimmers for placing in the top 5 in overall fastest cumulative time for their respective age groups:

Giovanna Postma 1stPlace – 5-8 age division

Ella Montano 3rdPlace – 5-8 age division

Tea Laughlin 1stPlace – 10 yr old division

Kailee Ruiz 2ndPlace – 10 yr old division

Teagan Monroe 3rdPlace – 10 yr old division

Olivia Monarres 4thPlace – 10 yr old division

Shealyn Massey 5thPlace – 10 yr old division

(That is a clean sweep of the 10 year old girls division –way to go Coach Deidre!

Joshua Sponseller 1stPlace – 10 yr old division

David Decker 3rdPlace – 10 yr old division

Evan Kistler 3rdPlace – 11 yr old division

Lauren Kearney 4thPlace – 12 yr old division

Skyler Schilke 1stPlace – 16 yr old division

Andrew Ordonez 2ndPlace – 16 yr old division

*In order to place, you had to successfully complete all events within the Sprint Pentathlon “Track” without being disqualified.

*Apologies to anybody who was left off this list:)