Storm and Monsoon Swimmer Development
Hello Storm and Monsoon parents! Some of you have been asking some very good questions lately causing me to realize that we need better communication. Here goes: For the past 6 weeks I have been working with your kids on basic principles such as floatation & sinking, nose bubbles & how they affect buoyancy & help keep water from going up the nose, body awareness and how to use your core strength to hold all your parts together in the water. I have also been working on leg strength, as it is the foundation to core strength and the basis to an effective upper body stroke. In the sport of swimming, I feel that it is important to learn how to sink; that involves not being afraid to go down & feel the pressure change around you, to know that it's actually hard to sink and not something to fear. Your kids have learned also how to expel half of their air out of their noses so that they are able to sink and not panic; they have learned how to keep a tight body with legs together so they can streamline downward; and of course upward when they need air. We were then applying that to the streamline off the wall; one of the most important factors in competitive swimming. To sink first, then to push off the wall under water & to hold a tight, streamlined body position is a very difficult thing to learn, involving all of the principles mentioned above. We have also been learning about the backstroke flags. These flags alert the swimmers to where the wall is as they are swimming on their backs; by now every swimmer knows how many arm pulls they do before they touch the wall - no more banging heads on the wall! With their increasing leg strength, teaching them how to circle swim (down the right, back on the left)and how to swim 10 seconds apart watching the clock, I am extremely pleased with the rate at which all the swimmers are progressing. We will continue to develope leg strength and move more toward upper body technique in the weeks to follow. Thank you and please keep those questions coming! Coach Al