ESJ Pool Update

 Good Afternoon Amberjax,

In light of recent inconveniences for many families and swimmers, the coaching staff of the Amberjax would like to apologize and bring all of you up to date on the heater situation at the pool.  The inconvenience shared by many of you extends to the coaching staff as well as training time in the pool is our primary concern.

In early September a notification was made to the appropriate outside party that there was a maintenance issue with the pool's heater.  Despite this notice, there unfortunately was insufficient progress made in the ensuing time period between then and last week.  A temporary heater was ordered and connected and worked well until this weekend when it also experienced a malfunction and shut off.  The temperature of the water has subsequently dropped to a level the staff feels is unsafe for our swimmers.  While the temporary heater has been fixed and is running, the temperature has not yet returned to a safe level.  The new parts necessary for the permanent heater, meanwhile, were ordered last week and have been delayed by Hurricane Sandy, as the parts are being shipped from eastern Pennsylvania.  We are hopeful that they will be delivered soon and permanently installed, but we remain at the mercy of Sandy.  

Again, every effort is being made to resolve this as quickly as possible.  We are very fortunate to have two sister pools within the Amberjax family that help mitigate the inconvenicence of this issue.  We remain deeply invested in doing what's best for our swimmers and encourage attendance at either JCDS or Cecil Field.  Training at this period of the year remains critical.  Please contact your coach with any questions or concerns.


A schedule for the rest of the week to follow