Practice Schedule

While we remain optimistic that the pool will heat, we will operate under the assumption that ESJ will be closed for the rest of the week.  Please pay close attention to the details that follow:

- Episcopal regional team members will be taken immediately following school to Cecil Field via Episcopal shuttle bus.  The shuttle will return at approximately 5:30 PM.

- Episcopal students and Amberjax team members, both senior and gold, who are not attending regionals will remain in the school library until 4:00 PM when they will board an Episcopal shuttle bus to Jacksonville Country Day School.  Practice will begin at 4:30 and finish at approximately 6:15.  Parents should pick their children up at Jacksonville Country Day School, as no shuttle will be returning to Episcopal.

- All practices, with the exception of the Episcopal Gold Group, will remain at their normally scheduled times at the JCDS location.  Gold will be swimming from 4:30 to 6:15 PM at JCDS.  

We appreciate your cooperation.  Please contact your coach with any questions or concerns.