Team Communication - 10/31/12


Buenaventura Swim Club

Team Communication – October 31, 2012


  1. Happy Halloween! Please have a great day, but remember, be safe and limit your sugar intakeJand of course don’t miss out on a fun practice.


  1. Friday Practice is cancelled! Please be advised, there is a Ventura College Men’s Water Polo Tournament being played at our facility this Friday.   The tournament will be played all day through 6:00pm.  As such, there will be NO FRIDAY PRACTICE.  I’m sure the kids will get a good night sleep and be ready to swim fast Saturday morning.  Also, due to the water polo tournament, we are not allowed to start our meet set up process until 6:00pm.  That means individual canopies as well as hospitality, snack bar, timing chairs & canopies.  This is a strict directive from the city.  We can’t interfere with the water polo game.  I will be there by 6:00pm to assist anybody who needs help. 


  1. Armstrong Trophy Winners! Congratulations to Lily Armstrong (the trophy’s namesake) for winning the Gold Group Armstrong Trophy as a result of her awesome performance at the Carpentaria Swim Meet.  Lily was accidentally left out of the previous results “news brief” for her effort in placing second in the IMX Extreme Challenge for 12 year olds.  Good job Lily, not only did you place top 3 in your age group at the Carp Meet, but you also won the Armstrong Trophy in the process.  Also, congratulations to Nathan Willeford for earning the same honors for the Silver Group.  Nathan keeps getting faster and faster!  Last but certainly not least was the outstanding performance of Emily Ball.  Emily earned the Armstrong Trophy for the Bronze Group with a great performance in all of her races.  We will present the trophies to our winners on Saturday morning during our team cheer, for the whole team to see!


  1. Team Picture is posted on home page!  The team picture has been posted on the website.  You can find the team picture in the “rotating window” box on the home page.  Notice a new feature, “click” on the picture for an enlarged view and easily locate you and your friends.


  1. Palm Spring Travel Swim Meet Deadline is Monday, November 5th. We have planned a fun travel meet for our age group swimmers.  Please consider a different venue for your swim meet, get to know your teammates away from Ventura.  This is especially created for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Group Swimmers.  Don’t forget (in the chaos of the meet this weekend) to sign up ASAP!  Monday will be here before you know it.


  1. Winter Age Group Champs is now available for sign up!  This year, Buena has been assigned to the Las Vegas sight.  Remember, this is a proof of time swim meet.  You must qualify for every event you enter.  The informational meet sheet is attached to this email, please review carefully.  The deadline to enter is Monday, November 26th.  Relays will be offered if we have enough swimmers, so please sign up ASAP.  Also¸ it is always nice if the families stay at the same hotel.  There are two choices, one that some families have already made reservations for, the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, or the other that is suggested by the host team and USA Swimming, JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa.  Of course you are always welcome to research and find another option, but it is always nice to be at the same place as your teammates!


  1. Personalized Team Caps, Suits, & Parkas.  Conejo Swim Works is taking orders for members who would like to order personalized team caps with your swimmers name appearing on the cap.  The kids love this and will not want to be left out, so surprise them with their own order.  You can Conejo Swim Works at (805) 379-4734 through Friday at 6:00pm.  The cost for two silicone caps is $25 + tax, or $10 + tax for two personalized latex caps.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Also, if you missed Conejo Swim Works on deck this past Tuesday, you can visit them during the swim meet this weekend to order team suits & team parkas.