DCST Takes Bite Out of the Piranhas

DCST Takes a Bite Out of the Piranhas

        DCST won its first dual meet of the season with a 434 – 348 point victory over the visiting Sage (McHenry County) YMCA Piranhas.  DCST is now 1 – 1 on the season.  As a team, DCST swam great with 250 career best times out of a total of 382 swims for a 65% improvement rate. Moreover, 77 of these swims were a new event legally swum by a DCST swimmer for the first time in their career. DCST also had 26 swims which achieved the District Qualifying, and 5 swims which achieved the Area Qualifying time for the first time.

            A very impressive 90 swimmers had a great meet with at least two career best times. These swimmers were:  Madison Aimone, Cole Anderson, Hayden Anderson, Emma Bafia, Jake Bjork, Nathan Braun, Timothy Braun, Acelin Bruhl, Palmer Bubb, Preston Bubb, Amanda Buck, David Buck, Justin Buck, Jordan Burke, Joanna Burnham, Sadie Burton, Kennedi Carey, Cody Carlson, Kyle Carlson, Danny Cork, Mikaila DiCostanzo, Emrys Draper, Trinity Eissens, Ava Farrell, Erin Fidler, Kaitlyn Goff, Anthony Gutierrez, Theo Heilman, Emma Heinisch, Ethan Heinrich, Frances Helton, Cole Huff, Abbie Johnson, Grace Johnson, Noah Johnson, Emily Keiner, Magnus Keswani, Carson Klein, Grace Kozlowski, Abby Krull, Sam Krull, Sarah Larson, Colette LeBlanc, Mikaili Little, Riley Lohse, Joe Luetkehans, Julia Luo, Caroline Mackey, Matt Marchewka, Veronica Mata, Josephine McMahon, Elizabeth Melton, Ana Flavia Michelini, Emily Mildner, Libby Mildner, Mason Miller, Cole Moon, Dane Pardridge, Dylan Powers, Dylan Rasmussen, Julia Rasmussen, Kyle Rasmussen, Josie Rivera, Carson Rose, Natalie Rosenow, David Ruetten, Jasmine Sandoval, Aiden Sisson, Nicole Skrzypek, Matt Slider, Aiden Stanik, Paige Summerhill, Libby Swedberg, Amal Tatum, Andrew Tatum, Colin Tazelaar–Kruger, Amanda Underwood, Devon Vance, Calvin VanderSchee, Jared VanderSchee, Natalie Wagner, David Wanner, Anna Westhoff, Elizabeth White, Ritta Wi, Asher Wiegartz, Aleida Wilkins, Kiki Wittenberg, Eileen Witthoff, and Anbo Yao.

            After each meet, the coaching staff picks two swimmers, one girl and one boy, as the “Big Dogs" of the meet. Big Dogs are not only selected on their performance in the meet, but the coaches also take into consideration the swimmer’s practice attendance, work ethic, team spirit and sportsmanship. For this meet, Veronica Mata, age 11, and Kyle Carlson, age 8, were selected as Big Dogs of the meet.

          DCST swimmers ages 11 and older will be competing tomorrow at the Rockford Early Bird Meet.  Next Saturday, DCST will have its next home meet which will be a triangular meet against Rock River Valley (Rockford) and Freeport.


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