Marauders Updates-Please read!


To all:


I hope you have enjoyed the first 5 weeks of swim team! We have seen significant improvements in all of our swimmers and we are excited to see the team grow. In order to keep you all in the loop, I have listed some important information below.


  1. We have almost 50 swimmers currently registered for the Harvest meet on November 17th. Wow! Largest traveling team ever! Coaches are excited!


  1. Our swim suit and cap sale will be on Monday, November 5 th (6:15 pm) and Tuesday, November 6 th (5:45 pm). Please try to attend. We will have sample suits in all female and male sizes for the kids to try on. If you can’t make it, please let Nicole ( [email protected]) know by email if you interested in ordering a suit and/or caps. The order will close on Saturday, November 10 th. Prices are as follows:


Solid Durafast Maxfit (Female): $52.99

Solid Durafast Jammer (Male): $37.99

TYR Fusion 2 Aerofit (Female): $67.99

TYR Fusion 2 Jammer (Male): $57.49

Caps with names (minimum order 2): $12.50 each

*There will be a 2.00 shipping charge for each order placed

**Orders are expected to arrive 3-4 weeks after order is submitted

***Because this is a first time order from TeamUnify for us, there is a 24 suit minimum order.


  1. Rachel Rodney, Nutritionist from Southwestern Vermont Medical Center will be offering an education session regarding sports and nutrition. She will be at the Recreation Center on Monday, November 12 th at 6:15 pm. Come learn about food groups and healthy eating during the training season. All groups should plan on attending.


  1. For tech savvy parents, download the OnDeck Parent app today. Available on all smart phones. Be in the know about which meets your child is attending, their times, etc. It even has a stopwatch  J  Information required to log in is your Marauders log in email and the alias is adbmst.


  1. Interested in becoming a USA Swimming official? Great way to be on the deck during a swim meet. We are always looking for new parents to officiate. The team covers all costs associated with becoming an official. Just ask Steve, Amanda and Jeanette about how much fun they have doing it!


  1. We are now accepting payment for season and meet fees by credit card. If you are interested in paying by credit card, please see Nicole. All transactions go through Square through an iPhone. All that we need is your card and you sign the screen and a receipt can be texted or emailed to you immediately.


  1. Interested in pictures? Kelly Dorman of Mind’s Eye Photography will be taking a team photo on Monday, December 3 rd at 6:15 pm. All swimmers from Guppies to Group 4 should plan to be at the pool for the team photo by 6:10 pm. In addition, Kelly will be available to take individual pictures. The pricing structure is attached. Please place your order through Nicole at  [email protected]. You can also complete the attached form and give to Nicole. Please submit all orders by Thursday, November 29 th.


As always, we are available for questions! We hope you are enjoying the season as much as we are!