November Team Dues & Swim Meet Fees

This is a reminder to the families that pay their team dues monthly.  Team dues are due on the 1st and are late by the 10th.  Please bring your dues check to the pool deck by Friday, November 9th.

Also - please get your swim meet fees paid BEFORE the swim meet.  We are behind in getting fees for last week's meet and we are posting the meet fees for the next meet below. 

All checks are payable to:  PVAC

Cerritos Meet (November 17 & 18):

$10.25 - Finn Stalker

$13.50 - Josie Bohannon, Morgan Dickson, Melia Ewing, Amber Hool, Brooke Lamb, Harrison Mitsanas, Kyria Sanchez

$16.75 - Maddy Bohannon, Olivia Bradley, Matthew Chang, Nicole Galleberg, Taylor Hernandez, Mia Johnson, Ben Kelly, Halee Kemper, Ben Lappinga, Trianna Mitsanas, Scott Moore, Graham Stalker, Nicole Takeda, Sam Troyer, Bliss Vetterlein, Chelsea Webb, Megan Webb, Joseph Williams, Juliana Wu

$20.00 - Koa Nakkim, Sara Ross, William Sasaki, Ethan Williams

$23.25 - Kai Nakkim

Please get these fees turned in before the 17th of November!  THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!