Sunday Splash A Success!

NFS hosted a well-attended meet Sunday, November 4, as a forum for many of our first time swimmers and parents to experience a USA meet under relaxed circumstances at our home pool.  

Joined by a nice group from Boomers and YFFC, over 160 of our NFS swimmers participated.  The format allowed new parents to volunteer and learn the basics of a USA meet and exposed the beginner swimmers to the USA meet format for the first time.  It was lots of fun to watch the kids in relays - there were enough relays to go all the way to G and beyond!

Coach Mel Nash observed "I was pleased with the participation and how quickly our new swimmers and parents adjusted to the USA format.  Our volunteers did a great job and everyone seemed to enjoy the meet and have a chance to swim competitively."

3 truck/suv loads of donations for Hurricane Sandy were also collected during the meet.  What a generous team!