Suit Order and My First Swim Meet

To all:

We have added a new document to our website titled, 'My First Swim Meet'. If you are new parent to swimming, I would highly recommend reading this prior to the meet on the 17th. You can find the document under the 'Events' tab and 'My First Swim Meet' option. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask. Psyche sheets will always be posted under the Events tab and the associated swim meet once they are available (usually 2-3 days before the meet).

Directions to the Harvest meet on the 17th are also up. Please click the 'Events' tab and then click the Harvest invite meet.

In addition, all swim suit and cap orders need to be submitted by noon tomorrow. The order will close and these items will not be available for order again until mid January. If you have placed an order but have not paid, please do so ASAP. Orders will not be submitted without payment. Payment will be accepted at practice tonight and tomorrow.

Thank you,