RAYS INVADE Augusta (AG State)

The RAYS will start an invasion on Augusta with over 35 swimmers attending the State Championships.

Coach Pike, Andy & Angie say we are ready to go and they will report daily on ALL our GREAT swims.


(Meet info including directions & psych sheet)


What a day! The weather may be dull and dreary but our swimming is sharp and exciting. We started the day with the 200 IMs, 50 FR, 200 Bk, 50 Brst and the 1000 FR. (We are awaitng the final results from the 1000 FR and the 11-12 200 BK...we will get back to you tomorrow. But, suffice it to say...we ROCKED!)

1000 FR Results: Tyler Harper (4th), Jimmy Yoder (5th), Scott Berry (12th), Katherine Glover (12th), Ashley Montag (15th) and Emma Mills (16th). GREAT SWIMMING!!

Tonight at FINALS, Rebecca Justus won the Consolation Finals of the 200 IM with a LTB of 2:17.7. Stingrays followed that swim with a 4th Place finish from Tyler Harper (200 IM), also in an LTB of 2:15.6. Rounding out our IMs, Connor Maggio got an LTB with a 2:20.8 (12th place).

Next up: The 50 FR. Camille Martin (Consolation Finals winner @ 26.1), Rebecca Postoll (12th @ 26.7) and Connor Maggio (Consolation Finals winner @ 25.8) came away with stepped up performances for our 11-12s. Our 13-14’s showed they could sprint with Jordan Drake (7th @ 25.01) and Ethan Wolovick (8th @ 23.49)

The 200 Bk was next on the agenda and Stingrays kept their form with a 5th place swim from Jordan Drake (2:06.51). Her swim was a Junior National Qualifying time! In the Consolation Heat, Ashley Montag touched the pad at an LTB 2:11.3 getting 12th place in the process. The boys made the 200 Bk not only exciting, but a nailbiter all the way to the very end where Jimmy Yoder and Scott Berry, swimming right next to each other, TIED for 5th with 2:03.5!

Our 100 Butterflies were two back-to-back LTBs: Connor Maggio (3rd) @ 1:01.5 and Jordan Drake (7th) @ :58.9. Ethan Wolovick rounds out our 100’s Fly with a fast :55.3 getting 5th place.

Closing out the individual events, Rebecca Justus (:35.6) and Lauren Brewer (:35.7) scored Stingray points in the 50 Breaststroke. 

The night was capped off by the 800 FR relays, where our girls scored 7th and 12th and our boys scored 6th.

Watch this space tomorrow night for Saturday’s engine revving swims! GOOOO RAYS...GO RAYS GO!


The rain has not stopped...and neither have Stingrays! Today brought the 400 IM, 200 FR, 100 BK, 200 Brst and the 50 Fly. (400 IM Results will be reported tomorrow when the Final results are posted.)

11-12 200 BK Results: Tyler Harper (5th), Jack Gunning (9th), Camille Martin (10th)

Camille Martin and Rebecca Postoll got us started off with a 10th and 16th place finish respectively. Jimmy Yoder kept the Freestyle momentum rolling with a 1:50.00 (6th place). Colleen Garrigan and Camille Martin went 9th and 10th in the 100 BK, both improving their swims from the morning. Jordan Drake broke the 1 Minute mark in the 100 BK with a :59.57, winning the Consolation Final heat in the process.  Scott Berry and Jimmy Yoder rounded out our Backstrokers with 11th and 14th place, respectively. Connor Maggio, Rebecca Justus and Camille Martin swam the 11-12 200 BRST at night and we will report the results tomorrow. Ashley Montag touched the wall for 12th place with a personal best 2:30.5. Finally, keeping our speed alive, Connor Maggio achieved an 8th place finish @ :28.88 in the 50 Fly while Tyler Harper touched at 15th.

Check back tomorrow for the Relay results and the 11-12 200 BRST and the 400 IM’s.


11-12 200 BRST RESULTS: Rebecca Justus (5th), Connor Maggio (14th) 

400 IM RESULTS: Rebecca Justus (7th), Jimmy Yoder (8th), Ashley Montag (13th), Emma Mills (16th) 

11-12 200 FLY RESULTS: Tyler Haper (2nd), Rebecca Justus (3rd), Connor Maggio (6th), Isabella Barry (15th), Katherine Glover (16)                                                                   

What an interesting way to end the Georgia State Championships. Hard snow and questionable driving conditions predicted for Atlanta-area traffic lead to the decision to make the morning session a Timed Finals session. This means there would be no Finals at night. We had no alternative but to get it going early with some fast swims. (AND, I would have to ride home with the coach from Wisconsin, who, according to himself "grew up driving in conditions like these." Needless to say, I kissed the ground when I got home.)

As the morning progressed we gained momentum. Camille Martin, Rebecca Postoll, Jordan Drake and Ethan Wolovick took (6th), (10th), (12th) and (15th), respectively in the 100 FR. Jimmy Yoder powered through to get 3rd in the 200 Fly and Ashley Montag followed up with 16th. Ashley turned right around and swam to 9th place finish in 100 Brst with Rebecca Justus hitting the wall at 11th. The 50 Bk saw Camille Martin take 13th and Colleen Garrigan take 16th. We would end the morning with the 500 FR. This race saw some really big time drops and move ups: Jimmy Yoder (6th), Rebecca Postoll (7th), Tyler Harper (8th), Connor Maggio (15th) and Scott Berry (16th).

The meet was big, gang. Georgia swimming has gotten faster and faster. With Metro Divisionals coming up, we must rise to the occassion and swim faster than we have all season. New State times achieved at the Metro Meet are good for the summer State Meet, gang...SO GO GET'EM!

See you all on deck!